Conservative running for Alabama state treasurer admits he is a Young Boozer

by editor on October 5, 2010

No. Seriously. That’s his name. First name Young. Last name Boozer. His parents were cruel, unthinking people.

The officlal video description says, “Young Boozer is a conservative Republican running for Alabama State Treasurer. Young Boozer has an undergraduate degree in economics from Stanford University and an MBA from The Wharton School of Business. Young Boozer has 34 years of private sector experience managing billions of dollars in investments. Most recently served as Deputy State Finance Director for Governor Bob Riley. Young Boozer. Funny name, serious leadership.”

(We’d also vote for the hot blonde at the :17 mark of the clip. Especially if her real name was Hot Blonde.)

H/T: Andrew Bolt

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Young Boozer represents the progressive new Republicans, as he beat the conservative George Wallace in the Republican Primary. On web site of John Killian, Musings from Maytown, a strong case is given to connect Young Boozer to the San Francisco gay community. For that reason it appears that Conservative Christians of Alabama has endorsed Democrat Charlie Grimsley over a Republican, a quite odd endorsement. I do not belive Young Boozer is gay, and I still think he is a great guy.


Hell, I’d vote for the :17 blond if her name was Nancy Pelosi. At least we’d know that everyone with that name is not butt ugly.


Well it is essentially a better name than Pilot Instruktor (a celebrity kid’s name) and those people who name their kids after Satan, Hitler and other tyrants/dictators.

The question is not now what the parents were thinking and what not, the question is why considering that this man is probably a parent himself didn’t change his name. Obviously it works for him, if it didn’t he would have changed it.

As per the ad funny to bring attention to it because people WOULD find that strange and would think it is a joke.


Mike Hawke from the TV show “Man, woman wild” needs to run.


He looks rough to me. Too much boozing when he was young has taken it’s toll.


You can imagine the pounding he took in school. I wonder why his folks did that to him? And yes, the blond is totally hot! I’m getting more and more impressed with what I see from Alabama.


Grade school must have been hell.