Another boy/girl/boy story. This poor little kid was being raised by his divorced mother as a girl. She claimed he hated his penis. But when a judge removed him from his mother’s presence at age 7, and gave custody to the father, he immediately started acting like a boy. Our conclusion: toss the crazy leftwing mother in prison and throw away the key.

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I really wish this article gave a time frame on this situation. How long was the child in the mother’s care? How long was the child living as a girl? Depending on these factors the father can ultimately prepare for any psychological issues that inevitably will arise from this. This story is tragic 💔


His Mother HATED his penis and didn’t let up about it… maybe she hates the Father/Men and didn’t want to raise a boy. This is disgusting and evil. Lock her up for child endangerment or something.

Not so silent

It appears mommy was five beers short of a six pack.

Dave K

So the crazy bitch wanted a girl, didn’t like the end result and tried to change it. She probably put Barbie’s clothes on Ken when she was a kid. Nutjob.


And sanded down Ken’s little “bulge” so it wouldn’t be visible