‘Are we just going to let this lady die?’: Dispatcher’s desperate plea for nurse give CPR to save elderly woman, 87, after caretaker refused. Never mind. Nothing to see here. Just practicing for Obamacare.

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Just as an update – the family of the woman says that she did not want any intervention, that she chose that facility specifically because it was a non-medical home, and the family is not going to sue. Congrats to that family for sticking to their guns, and for honoring their mother with dignity.

The state, of course, is trying everything they can think of to bring some kind of charges against the employee.

Many people do not understand this, but most people do not have a legal obligation to help anyone who is hurt or injured. There are exceptions – such as medical and trained emergency workers, or for those people who are in what the law refers to as a “special relationship” – normally parent to child. (But NOT child to parent!) That has nothing to do with the MORAL obligation, it is strictly legal. (Another exception, if I remember correctly is if the individual CAUSES the injury – but that could be just my state law – I am a bit rusty, lol).

So, in yet another disgusting display of constitution-bashing (like the Trayvon Martin case) the authorities will try to twist things around till they find some way to actually charge someone who was legally within their rights. It’s really kind of depressing.


If she had a DNR this would not be a story. Everyone thinks nurses are there cause they care. Maybe before the gov. paid for thier school now they are whining union members. Lackys for whoever they work for no real compasion for human life. Sorry to the last 20 good nureses left.

Not so silent

This is not uncommon at a lot of facilities. Since I have been in Law Enforcement, I have been dispatched to a lot of DB (Dead Body) calls. In a lot of these facilities their insurance only allows the nurses to pass out pills and medications. If they take any action they can get fired and the placed looses it’s insurance. Now this is Kalifornia so you can thank liberals and union rules for a lot of this. This state has different classes of facilities from assisted living to total care so it also depends on what kind of facility it is, and what kind of care you get. Some of them are nothing more than cash cows to charge to get patients in and not take care of them. There are also some that offer total care but it is extremely expensive….


She didnt have a dnr read the police report.


Euthanasia deaths in Blegium increased by 25%:


Doctors not following euthanasia guidelines, nurses performing euthanasia, 32% done without request, blah, blah, blah… It’s a “nothing to see here, folks” world.


I feel bad for her, but if she had a DNR they were following regulations.


If she had the DNR, why did they dial 911?


I know, that’s what has me puzzled too.
Have to admit, I’m thinking of a Benny Hill bit, where he, as “Big Daddy” is having an episode, and asks his son, “Did ya call the ambulance?”
“No, Paw, the undertaker. Like you always tell us, I CUT OUT THE MIDDLEMAN!” (Which had been Benny’s catchphrase through the skit.)


Actually, this is the way things are supposed to happen in this situation. The woman had signed a Do Not Resuscitate order, and the retirement facility was carrying out her wishes. Had the paramedics gotten there in time to revive her, they would have done so, it’s standard procedure, unless they actually saw the DNR themselves. Then they too would have refused to revive her.

I can understand the dispatcher wanting to help the woman, I would want to also. But it would be against her wishes. I just hope she was of sound mind and signed the DNR of her own free will.