Australian Prime Minister gives Obama an iPod loaded with anti-American music

by editor on March 11, 2011

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard visited the White House on Wednesday and gave President Obama an iPod. Imagine the joy on the manchild’s face when he saw the iPod, assumed he was being re-gifted the same iPod he gave Queen Elizabeth and got excited about the thought of being able to listen to his own speeches again.

No such luck. Gillard’s iPod was filled with an assortment of Aussie music, including some anti-American songs from Midnight Oil.

The Sydney Morning Herald explains:

As the lead singer with politically edged Aussie rock band Midnight Oil, Peter Garrett railed against “US forces”.

Now the Oils – whose singer is a minister in the federal Labor government – feature on US President Barack Obama’s iPod.

The music player, chock-full of Australian pop and rock music, was a gift to the American leader from Julia Gillard on her first visit to Washington as Prime Minister.

While US forces doesn’t feature on the iPod, the Oils songs include King of the Mountain, Blue Sky Mine, Beds are Burning and Short Memory – a lament of the superpower’s interference in nations such as El Salvador, Cambodia and Afghanistan.

Unfortunately, the most Aussie of all Aussie rock songs, Men At Work’s Land Down Under, was not included. So we’ll do what Julia Gillard didn’t do and offer it here.

Hell of a lot better than an Obama speech.

And, c’mon, Julia, what about the very first international hit by an Aussie artist, Rolf Harris’ Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport?

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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I realized something that made me sad and angry. If this woman had done it to any other President, I would have been pissed off. It is sad and maddening because I do tend to respect the office of the Presidency and the man who has the office. I have no respect for Obama and sadly because of him, I cannot be angry even just for her actions against the office. I am actually thinking she meant no disrespect for the office, I am going to give her the benefit of the doubt and the reason I do is because Obama in my opinion is deserving of disgust.


Yeah KQ, it does kinda piss me off because of respect for the office. On the other hand, though she’s showing far less disrespect for the office than he does daily. She probably understands that he will enjoy anti-American tunes as much as anyone. I’m sure he has already had to put all the most offensive (too us) on moochele’s i-pod at her request.


I guess the PM thought the best way to show his contempt for Obummer is to use his own move against him.

The traitor-in-chief is nothing but an ilegal alien put their by his muzzie masters to destroy our country from with in itself.

I hope everyone is ready for the day that Otramma claims martial law and makes himself king of Amerikka.

I have been stocking up on all pork products, they are as important as bullets!


Yep, Midnight Oil ain’t no USA loving band. Don’t worry, they are largely held in contempt nowadays, due to Peter Garrett becoming more famous for his incompetence & culpability as a Member of Parliament than he is for his idiotic dancing as front man for the “Oils”… wasting BILLIONS on green/pixie-land schemes, one of which resulted in thousands of houses being insulated dangerously, more than 100 of them burning down & several untrained contractors being electrified to death. Just to name a couple of his
achievements. The man is a moron & a monumental hypocrite.
And he hates America.

But this other cretin, Dear Leader Gillard whom we now call *JuLiar, was formerly the secretary of the left-wing organization, Socialist Forum (whilst in University). The Socialist Forum was established in 1984, initially by disaffected members of the Australian Communist Party. I’ll let you guys guess which capitalist country these muppets despised most of all. She also opposed near everything George W. did, said or thought, while she was in opposition to John Howard’s USA-friendly Government. She made great sport of sneering at Mr. Howard’s close & genuine relationship with Mr. Bush. Oh Barry, how things have changed.

Please don’t swallow her gushing speech to the joint meeting of Congress. And please don’t think she represents the majority of Australians. Her poll numbers have been breaking records of late. She would be smashed if an election were to be called right now. We loathe her, by the millions. She’s already gone.

*JuLiar because of her deliberate lie during the campaign prior to the 2010 Federal elections, when she repeatedly & loudly squawked… “There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead”. Well, guess what this despicable clown announced in late February 2011? Yep, her intention to put a “price on carbon” by July 2012.

God it’s infuriating to hear these fraudsters deliberately & deviously mislabel carbon dioxide (outward breaths; farts; plant food) as “carbon” (dirty black stuff)… all the while plotting our demise from a free, resources-rich & successful young country to a bankrupted, entitlement-addicted socialist nirvana. And they expect us to be grateful. Like hell we will. Australians can ill afford to ever take her at her word again.

NOTE: in the 2010 elections, only 1 of 150 seats in the Parliament of Australia were won by a candidate campaigning FOR a “carbon price”. Yes one, a Green loon from inner city Melbourne. But not a single other, Left, Right or Centre. Apparently this is the type of “democracy” to expect from progressives. How nice of them.

Sorry about the essay, but i think you are entitled to know that the strange Australian woman pretending to drool on your boots is a two-faced liar & cannot be trusted.


“Sorry about the essay”

Don’t apologize. Essays are encouraged. Thanks for the information.


You had me with “strange Australian woman pretending to drool on your boots”.

Still laughing.


Thanks for that.


Hey shagger, the libs always lie to to get elected here too. Every damn one of ’em is to the right of Ronald Reagan until elected.


Oh no she didn’t!!!


I cannot play that song here it has to be played on Youtube.


This little tune is little out of season, & while it is very funny, it does contain naughty words. It is from Kevin “Bloody” Wilson, & it’s called “Hey Santa Clause”…

…I cracked up the first time I heard it


I enjoyed Men At Work’s Land Down Under and Rolf Harris’ Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport?, but I’m not the least bit suprised that two shitbirds of a feather are flocking together…and they can have each other.


“Beds Are Burning” is specifically about Australian whites and their treatment of the indigenous peoples of Australia (the aboriginals). I didn’t think it had anything to do with the US. It’s an anti-colonialism song, for sure, though.


Fair enough. I didn’t know that, thanks. However of course the US has almost always been accused of being a colonial leaning country even though our international holdings so to speak are minimal in comparison to let’s say Britain (once in a time).


Heh heh. Good one Aussies.


The bust of George Washington is on its way back through the international service of UPS, too.