Barack Obama: “Drill, Baby, Drill” is my middle name

by editor on May 19, 2011

Stand back. Barack Obama is now a wildcatter. He wants oil, damn it. Black gold. Texas tea. Venezuelan velvet.

Here’s how Ace accurately described his weekly address:

It has to be frustrating to Captain Bullshit, to have to actually forward this sort of thing in a weekly address. “Hey, these gas prices, what the hell? We’d better put those speculators on a short leash, and cut those doggone subsidies and also maybe let em have a lease or two that I will never let them actually produce from.

But he said the words, damn it. And he sounded almost sincere. And that counts for something, doesn’t it?

H/T: Ace of Spades

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Max Fisher

Alex,what is what Chris Matthews dreams of screaming out as he feels Obama’s hot breath on the back of his neck


So why doesn’t he just reopen all the drilling that was shut down in the first 6 months of his office. Ken Salazar shut almost everything down in Utah

Max Fisher

I think if Obama ever did say the sentence “drill baby drill” the tingle from chrissy matthews leg would go shoot right up to his pea brain and he would have a organism and brain aneurysm at the same time. death by sexual double entendre

Buck O'Fama

Barack Obama announces steps to speed oil production….

1) I am resigning inmmediately. Joe Biden will assume my office as soon as the high-speed choo-choo comes to get him.
2) All currently serving senate Democrats will be arrested for illegally impersonating someone with half a brain
3) Nancy Pelosi, Henry Waxman, Pete Stark and others will be placed on a raft and launched in the general direction of North Korea.

I have a dream…


Well his look at the end of this says it all. ” You dont really believe me do you?”

No Mr. President, I really dont.


Don’t listen to what Obama says. Watch what he does.

What he will do is throw more red tape at any and all domestic energy production.


You left out “Libyan Lube” although, admittedly, that is more of a European usage than American.


blah blah blah gas prices blah blah blah things are great blah blah blah oil production is up blah blah blah drilling in more places blah blah blah oil companies are bad people so we should take them over in a socialist nationalist fit of pique blah blah blah clean energy.


Blah Blah Blah *I hope people don’t realize I”m doing all this just to get reelected next year. Do I look Sincere? Of course…keep it together Barry…*


Lies sweet little lies. What one hand giveth the other taketh. barry claims to let em drill while the EPA says no way in hell are you going to drill a damn thing. Cake and eat it too.

Child King

Dear American People,

I uh absolutely LOVE YOU…I HATE the U.S., but err I LOVE the people. You are the most um gullible group of boobs. I can lie, cheat and uh steal my way to just about anything I um want and you just keep telling me how wonderful I uh am. I thought Michelle was um a doofus for believing that I am err straight, but you guys take the cake. You will um LITERALLY believe ANYTHING, uh except the uh truth.



To paraphrase Day By Day, Obama’s main problem with America is that it’s filled with Americans.


True. I get the impression that the only this caliph-in-waiting wants to drill is America’s arse.


I just have visions of Lucy, Charlie Brown, and that danged football.


I know it’s not the same but every time the “60 bucks to fill up the tank” comes up I remember what I payed in Sweden. Like 120 dollars for a full tank. And then I think… maybe we don’t have it that bad after all…


Every time I fill up it’s $100 these days. I have 3 kids and their friends I haul around in a conversion van and it’s difficult. One good thing every time I take the friends the parents send cash!!! My kids have some good friends with great parents.


Tesslea, it seems you have kids with friends who’s are just as nice as you. You should be greatfull for that blessing. I’ve met the parents of my sisters, kids, friends. And they sure do like to take advantage of her being nice and offering their kids a ride every now and then.

And I aint saying it aint bad. But that atleast we still have the cheapest gas in the western world. That 120 usd that I mentioned was for a bmw 3-series… with a 15 gallon tank.

I realise I’m hardly the one to say we get of easy, I don’t have any kids and I make good money, a lot of people got it a lot tougher than that and may have to drive a lot more aswell. It’s just one of those things that makes me think “I’m sure glad that the leftist don’t run everything un-opposed here like they do in Europe”


Amen to that, bro.