Barack Obama inauguration: a call for unity that may go unheeded by half the country: Apparently it is no longer enough to have our labor and property confiscated in order to appease the avarice of Obama’s special friends and Obama’s special voters. Now we must like it too.

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Big Al

Unless I compromise everything that I believe in I won’t be able to help him.


From the article: “The message was welcomed by a group of five young black high school students who had made the journey from New Orleans, paid for by “Upward Bound”, a Federal government programme aimed to encourage young people to stay in school and get to university. ”

THIS IS THE PROBLEM! (One of them, anyway!). We (conservatives) mostly agree that it’s good to help poor kids get through school and go to higher education if it’s appropriate. But WHEN, and HOW did that largesse include paying for these kids to make an unrelated vacation? And a vacation to support a political candidate! Even if these kids went low–budget, those dollars could have been used to pay for a fair chunk of a semester or longer in college.

These kids say that we need to spend money making jobs. I say we need to SAVE money, by helping people better themselves, but cutting out the unnecessary and unfair spending. Yes – unfair. 5 kids went from New Orleans, and that particular program. 5 BLACK kids. How many other kids were excluded? What criterion was used to pick these kids? Did skin color have anything to do with it? Did MY tax money go to pay for a vacation for kids who were picked by racist methods?

It is infuriating, and yet these kids would never even think about it. They believe that they DESERVE it, by some weird, entitled thought process.


They think that because they are TOLD that. THe black population in America has somehow convinced themselves that they deserve everything, without working or doing anything to earn it, because 150 years ago, SOME blacks were held in slavery. It was wrong then, I get it, though it was well accepted throughout the globe and still is in some places today. And nearly every deficiency they claim as a result of slavery and Jim Crow laws, my relatives experienced the same, despite being whiter than the driven snow. They were “crackers” I guess, poor whites who worked their own land and didn’t have slaves. But as recently as my Dad’s generation, they picked cotton just like the black neighbors. I do understand they were able to try for some level of education (my Dad was one of 3 who graduated in his class) and had more job availability and less violence, but their lives were very similar in a lot of ways. The black people who worked for civil rights, who worked, and maintained families and homes, and were functional people in their neighborhoods would be embarrassed to tears and the behaviour of the enitled class today.

Bonfire of the Absurdities

His concept of “unity” is “you shut up and do what I want.”


Exactly…. He’s only talking to the half of the country who doesn’t agree with him.