Tonight’s final score: Hungry bear 2, idiot Muslim terrorists 0

by editor on November 5, 2009

How many virgins does a terrorist get in Paradise when he's killed by bear?

How many virgins does a terrorist get in Paradise when he's killed by bear?

We’re not embarrassed to admit that we didn’t know they had bears in Kashmir. We’re also not embarrassed to admit that we got a certain perverse pleasure out of this story.

A bear killed two militants after discovering them in its den in Indian-administered Kashmir, police say.

Two other militants escaped, one of them badly wounded, after the attack in Kulgam district, south of Srinagar.

The militants had assault rifles but were taken by surprise – police found the remains of pudding they had made to eat when the bear attacked.

It is thought to be the first such incident since Muslim separatists took up arms against Indian rule in 1989.

The militants had made their hideout in a cave which was actually the bear’s den, said police officer Farooq Ahmed.

The Obama administration immediately realized the military implications of this story.

“We need fewer troops in Afghanistan,” President Obama said in a hurried phone call to General Stanley McCrystal, “and more bears.”

Source: BBC

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“…Smarter then the Average Bear!” 😛


I love bears, & this is just another reason why. But how dumb are you to be in a bear’s den with food? That’s a bad ending just begging to happen.