Ben Swann takes Piers Morgan apart . . . finds nothing but straw. Piers Morgan would never let the facts get in the way of a good argument; even if he had one.

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Progressive Hemrrhoid
Progressive Hemrrhoid

The way to deal with this pissant is to ask him about the Phone Tapping scandal before he even gets a chance to open his mouth.


Does it seem ironic to anyone else that there were almost more signatures on the petition to deport this moron than people that actually watch his little show?

His demographics are almost that of the new late-night fitness program designed for nine-fingered midgets born on an odd-numbered Thursday.



I’ve known this for a couple of years, but this piece in Breitbart looks funny now…

…as an Englishman, his sport in soccer. His club(which is serious buisiness over there)is Arsenal. Yes, his club is called ARSENAL, their nickname is “The Gunners”, & the club was founded by a munitions manufacture…

Arsenal Football Club started out as Dial Square in 1886 by workers at the Royal Arsenal in Woolwich, south-east London, and was renamed Royal Arsenal shortly afterwards.[4] The club was renamed again to Woolwich Arsenal after becoming a limited company in 1893.

The Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, originally known as the Woolwich Warren, carried out armaments manufacture, ammunition proofing and explosives research for the British armed forces. It was sited on the south bank of the River Thames in Woolwich in south-east London, England.

…as a dedicated soccer fan & as someone who has watched the English Premier League as a longtime Liverpool fan, I hate Arsenal. They have been a great club for a long time, but I’m not a fan. I doubt if Morgan even thought about how funny his club’s name & history totally opposes his personal opinion of firearms & that he seems to be heavily invested against our right to keep & bear arms. If he is really serious, he should focus on getting 2/3 of the House, 2/3 of the Senate, & 3/4 of the states & ban guns through the amendment process. Otherwise, he can sit down & shut up.


It’s nice when a reporter actually researches his facts before spewing them on the air. You should try it some time Piers.


According to the UK Daily Mail, England (NOT the US) “has a worse rate for all types of violence than the U.S. and even South Africa – widely considered one of the world’s most dangerous countries”


There should be a name for this tactic that people like PM use, where they hone in on a number, like his precious 35, and turn a total blind eye the larger part of the pie that it’s cut from.

Oh wait! I have it! IT’S CALLED A LIE!


Of course PM wouldn’t dare have someone on his show that could carry on a really intellectual discussion (Except for Uncle Ted) and be able to cite these ever so meaningful statistics that reveal the actual truth. Sorry Alex Jones… you just don’t cut it.


“US – 466 violent crimes per 100,000 people”

Take the cities and drugs out of that statistic and it’ll show the rest of use are good and honest people. Unfortunately the politicians and media have an agenda and they’re winning right now.