Deaths increase, misery mounts as flu sweeps nation. Where is Joe Biden? Why hasn’t he created a commission on assault flu? Why hasn’t he created flu free zones to stop this misery? Why hasn’t he chastised the AMA for wanting doctors armed with vaccination shots in every hospital to help prevent this virus from killing more innocent people? How about waiting periods before you get flu shots? Registering every syringe so no bad people get one? Please Mr. Biden! Do something! We implore you to ban the assault flu immediately! Lives are at stake!

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Itsthe flu. Wash your hands alot, drink fluids, get some rest and TRY to eat something relatively healthy to give your body a fighting chance. A flu shot wouldn’t hurt, though there is a strain showing up that wasn’t in the mix this year. If despite preventative measures you get sick, STAY HOME. Monitor any fever. Take meds for control of the symptoms. Wash your hands alot and dispose of tissues, etc immediately. Drink a lot of fluid, eat lightly. After you are better, buy a new toothbrush. Get over it.


This simply has to be George Bush’s fault, coupled with global warming.


Ron Paul would have cured everyone with a wave of his hand.


Jim Stewart

I am so grateful that I telecommute to work.

What about virus that can only infect 10 people?


So, has anyone decided to stay home until they get better, or are they just going to see how many people they can infect?