Benghazi security personnel were unarmed. They never managed to fire one bullet in defense during the attack. This is the Obama legacy: Benghazi guards unarmed, thousands of guns delivered to Mexican cartels.

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I don’t know about you guys but this whole thing just gives me a serious conspiracy vibe. Why the heck did the Ambassador go to a place that was PREVIOUSLY attacked WITHOUT armed guards? ESPECIALLY when there was no true reason to move from a highly protected place to a less so, since there were no demonstration to speak of… I truly don’t even want to think it, but I cannot help but believe that the Ambassador was set up to die or at the least to be injured. It hinges in my opinion if the video was queued up WAY BEFORE the actual Egypt demonstration started or sometime right after that and before the Ambassador was sent to the unprotected and previously attacked consulate without armed guards. Why would he be set up at all? Don’t know! Was he getting in the way of something/someone? Did he piss off the wrong person? Was he a liability? Will we ever know the truth before Jesus the King comes back? :-/


“Was he getting in the way of something/someone? Did he piss off the wrong person? Was he a liability?”

He was gay. Maybe he had an affair with the CiC.


There is also word that the ambassador was shuffling U.S. arms from Saudi Arabia into terrorist camps through the Benghazi consulate at the behest of CIA or white house. The possibility of some hanky panky with the w0n crossed this desk before as well. In a direct answer to the question of when we might know the truth, my opinion is never.


F&F II, Escape from Benghazi

I smell Holder in this.


Stinks that bad, does it?


Coming soon to an embassy near you.


Yep. I heard this about 2 days after the attack. The guards were unarmed because of that filthy hr clintons orders that they be so. But nothing will ever come of it because Amerikans are too comfortable and don’t want to leave their big screen tvs. Most of them have no moral compass any more and definitely no drive or love of their country.


Yep, this is old news, but to the MSM, it’s not news at all.