Teen wounded by Bernhard Goetz commits suicide on 27th anniversary of subway shooting. James Ramseur, one of four teens wounded by “subway vigilante” Bernhard Goetz on Dec 22, 1984, died from an apparent self-inflicted drug overdose on the 27th anniversary of the shooting. He was 45 years old and spent most of his life in prison.

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Unfortunately Goetz still owes millions to one of his so-called victims thanks to a civil lawsuit. I hope one day people like Goetz who dare defend themselves – even if they are white – will be safe from predatory lawyers and judges like the ones who went after Goetz.


So. The only one (besides Goetz) that didn’t return to a life of crime was the one physically incapable of committing crime (other than filing lawsuits). Not something to be proud of.

I’d say that Bernie’s gun was aimed at the right people.


Bernie’s birthday should be a national holiday.


One line in particular struck me:

“Ramseur’s life had been on a downward trajectory ever since he and three cohorts … approached Goetz …”

Oh, you mean that had he not been shot by Goetz, everything would have continued to be just rosy?

Mr. Protnoy – I would bet that the downward trajectory of Ramseur’s life started shortly after his birth.

Black Sabbath

The Liberal media will see this story come across the wires and vanish it straight down the memory hole.


Are you ffnng kidding? They’ll turn it around into another bleeding-heart sob story, and blame Evil White Man Bernie Goetz, Smith & Wesson, the NRA, the Tea Party, and Bush (of course) for the death of this poor troubled urban youth.

LA Sunset

Never is suicide a good thing for even a thug like this. But this whole scenario does demonstrate that actions and attitudes do have consequences, and sometimes they are very long ranging. This young man very likely had every opportunity to get an education in prison and turn his life around, so that he could be rehabilitated and make something out of himself. But he chose not to and here we are: Both life and opportunity wasted.


While it’s true that suicide is a terrible thing in general, I still feel no guilty conscience when I say good riddance.

LA Sunset

The guilt lies within himself, no one else. I don’t feel guilt because I had nothing to do with any of it.

Even if the punk had come into my house and I shot him dead, I would not feel guilt. I would feel badly about having to do it, but would feel no regret whatsoever.