“They all need to rot in hell for this.”

by editor on June 27, 2010

obama nungesser jindal

Billy Nungesser and Bobby Jindal give President Obama their "rot in hell" glares

President Obama and his cronies are about as popular as the oil slick in Louisiana these days.

Fox8Live.com has the details:

Plaquemines parish president Billy Nungesser is furious, drawing a line in the sand with the White House!

The Obama Administration has asked for a halt on dredging sand berms off the Chandeleur Islands that just started last week, until the project can be relocated farther into the gulf. Nungesser fired off a letter threatening President Obama to step in and do something or face a tongue lashing on national T.V.

“Dammit, it took us long enough to get the permit now they are going to throw rocks at us. They all need to rot in hell for this.”

Nungesser has been the face of the sand berm project, now he’s red faced over the order for U.S. Wildlife and Fisheries.

“Some brilliant individual said we think a mile out is not enough. It may scowl the island or it may subside. So, let’s shut it down.”

Don’t be in such a hurry, Billy. Before these guys begin rotting in hell, let them spend a few more months in public opinion poll purgatory.

Sources: Fox8Live.com

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Guys, this is totally according to Obomber’s plan. He does NOT want this cleaned up. He wants to use it to cram Cap and Tax down our throats next. This will drive the country into a depression. Did you see yesterday where he now has the power to turn off the internet, if we make too much noise about him?


They need to rot in hell for alot more than that!

matthew s harrison

all of the leadership in LA, MS, FL etc, need to have a joint presser, in which they say they are going to do their own thing-and the federal gov’t be damned. Since the work of the G seems to be contrary to fixing the problem, these guys need to stand up to the G. Stand up to the nancy-boy in chief, and say-NO MORE-WE ARE TAKING THINGS INTO OUR OWN HANDS.
The federal government prove to be inept in each and every disaster scenario, so time to push those assholes aside. It will also seal barry’s fate-and make it so that our country can be saved. The dems in az are starting to stand up to him, so should the dems and reps in the gulf region.




Double AMEN!!!


Nungesser is being encouraged down here to call a news conference and embarrass the administration on national T.V. by show the president’s flying golf ball with a split screen of pelicans that can’t fly because of being covered with oil, while he tells the nation about the lack help with protecting the barrier islands from bureaucrats at fishing and wildlife. You can bet that if the gulf states had voted for Obama, he’d be down here with his sleeves rolled up!


I think the press conference is a perfect idea. Public humiliation goes a long way towards achieving behavior modification. If they want Obama to “modify” his behavior, then I think this is the way to go.


Or if we had a large number of electorial votes! That’s what’s holding this up. If we could seriously affect their elections they’d be trippin over each other! The Governors do need to get together, and the people of our states need to start protesting! Mabe one of those pictures where we all go and lay down on the beach holding RIP signs, saying “He didn’t need us”!


Rolling up his sleeves exposes his skinny little wrists, which, like Michelle’s show neither one of them has done a hard day’s work in their lives. Most used muscle in each: mouth

Dee Mac

“Also, please notice that she who must be obeyed has allowed me to use less Just for Men and now it looks like I am aging in this job. Like the gray?”

You better watch those ‘rot in hell’ looks – Dear Leader has his political roots in Chicago.


“Ummm..Lessee…Berm…berm…thass like a bunker, only protruding stidda depressing, huh ?”

“Speaking of depressing, you see Rasmussen today ? “


Picture caption:

“I only missed a triple bogey on 16 by this much, so they gave me the Mulligan”