Border Patrol union chief praises ‘miraculous’ drop in illegal immigration under Trump. Imagine that, a 53% drop and that’s without a new wall.

This month, Customs and Border Protection reported a 53 percent decrease in the number of apprehensions at the southwest border since last year. The number also includes those deemed inadmissible. CBP sees apprehensions as a proxy for how many people are trying to cross the border, and says the drop in apprehensions indicates a drop in attempted illegal crossings.

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Wall started being built over here in TX… they should also put military as well. Retirees, students on vacation, teens needed volunteer hours, those on sabbatical and medical leave they can contribute time into it as well.

Not so silent

Ran across this. A bunch of countries are saying we should not build the wall…And I say..who gives a shit what they think?

Not so silent

Build the damn wall…




I voted for Trump for two three reasons. 1. Appointing real not fake right wing SCOTUS judges. 2. Wall. 3. Not Clinton. Two out of three not bad but 53 percent decline is still way too high. Build the wall. Now.

Joe Redfield

If the MSM were to actually cover this story – which they won’t – they would strongly imply that it is a bad thing.