Chris Matthews claims he knows when he’s making an ass of himself

by editor on January 25, 2011

Off the top of our heads, we’d say every Monday through Friday, 7:00-8:00 p.m. EST on MSNBC. Mr. Matthews, as you might expect, has a slightly different take on the whole thing.

On his Friday broadcast of “Hardball,” Matthews boasted to MSNBC contributor Richard Wolffe and’s Joan Walsh they, especially himself, are capable of knowing when to say when as it pertains to making dumb remarks – which he claimed made him unlike Minnesota Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann.
“We have superegos,” Matthews said. “We have that thing that Freud says, ‘Slow down, stop it – you’re making an ass of yourself.’ These people who are running this country don’t have that thing. Michele Bachmann just goes right to the top. She just runs for president without any pretense of having the material to run with.”

The only question remaining is whether or not Chris realized he was making an ass of himself with that comment.

Freud aside, we somehow doubt it.


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Apparently, Smuggy Tingles doesn’t realize that the rest of the America thinks he’s making an ass of himself … YOU BETCHA! OoraH! USA!!!!

p.s. What an awful man!


Since when is Michelle Bachmann running for President? Did I miss something? With that one part he is a fool. Now the quip about her not having enough material to run with … excuse me? At least the Congresswoman has more experience in government and politics and LIFE than Obama so again Matthews is a fool.

Now Freud was a fraud. He is interesting to read, but he is a fraud and that is a fact. Yet it seems that liberals LOVE Freud I wonder why.


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did you ever notice that Chris Matthews looks like he doesn’t have teeth? It explains a lot.


God a man who was a speech Writer for Carter should know when he’s making an ass out of himself. MSNBC thinks they are Plato’s Republic- they actually make a drunk tank look like a think tank


“Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”, but a liberal is aways a liberal.


Yep every time he opens his mouth. First time I’ve seen a walking, talking hemorrhoid


Very Funny- it would be nice to stuff a suppository down his throat