Pot calls kettle black: Chris Matthews criticizes Bret Baier for interrupting the President

by editor on March 19, 2010

Hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. Funniest thing ever on MSNBC.

Chris Matthews is upset – very upset – that Bret Baier had the temerity to repeatedly interrupt the Greatest President In History during his Fox News interview.

At least Matthews is consistent. After all, this is a guy who never allows his guests to interrupt his questions with answers.

Yeah, that Chris Matthews.

But Matthews’ comments pale in comparison to the plums that come out of the mouths of guests Joan Walsh and Cynthia Tucker. Listen to the whole segment.

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And still with all the “interruptions” the questions were dodged left and right! All Baier tried to do was focus the Prez on the question asked, not on his own stump speech. And these three must live in , I don’t know, a cave or under a rock. They are so disconnected from reality it is amazing they find their ways to work everyday to annoy the rest of us. But that’s not news, THAT is an opinion.


Why the hell is this drunk still on the air? Matthews is a fool, he knows nobody watches him, & he knows it. Plus Matthews in no position to piss & moan about how Baier did his interview, considering how he goes about intervieing guests. I think Matthews is really upset that Baier made Obama look like crap. Force him to talk without his teleprompter & he’s not the God people think he is. Face it Matthews, you are over, Obama will be over, & the Dems will be beaten like Tina Turner in Novermber, & you know it.


I think Greg Gutfeld was right. He was just jealous that Bret got to be so close to Chris’ lord and savior Obama. He probably would like to ask Bret if he felt a thrill up his leg but was too jealous to ask the question so opted to TRY unsucessfully to ridicule Bret instead.

Bret did the right thing. He tried to get the man back on track. has anyone seen Frost vs Nixon. That was an awesome movie and Frost had so much time to get Nixon but it wasn’t until the last session that he was able to get Nixon to stop the crap. Bret didnt have that luxury of three or four interviews he was just given 15 minutes… 15 minutes!!! I mean come on. If he hadn’t done what he did I would have no respect for Bret at all. And so much came out of the President because of it that WAS TRUE.




Couldn’t watch those three idiot ass kissers for the whole video. matthews edits to his advantage then the three morons cluck and chuckle in thier smug liberal fashion, just couldn’t watch more than 45 sec.


Chris Matthews and your one sided panel,

Are you kidding me, you put together the funniest editing of those clips to show fox as the bad guys.
Yet, if you watch the WHOLE interview, I would have to say that it was the president who was rude. When you come to an interview you come to answer questions, not do a 15 minute infomercial. Bret was asking questions and not getting answers if you think that is rude then you are in the wrong business.

Chris, since you seem to have memory loss, please go back to when you were interviewing jimmy carter and you were so rude to carter that he said; he wished it was medieval days so he could challenge you to a dual. WOW. Chris you are the pot calling the kettle black.
Look, your ratings are so low, cartoon network is beating you LOL. Maybe the president would don an interview with you, but I think they would have to lift the restraining order off of you to be with-in 100 miles since you are so in love and obsessed with Obama.

Chris, seek help at celebrity rehab 