Chris Matthews next on the list. MSNBC paid a $40,000 settlement to a woman after she claimed Matthews sexually harassed her. Which surprises us. That it was a woman.

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Not so silent

And the “perv Derby” gets another contestant….


Sounds like chris was a buy-sexual


Rachel is going to have a field day with this one. Oh wait, Chrissy works for pmsnbc. Kathleen is going to be so happy to know that the limo won’t be pulling up out front there in Chevy Chase and picking the two of you up. Time to become just another unemployed dip shit dick wad. Self righteous ass hole who tells others what they should do all the while doing the opposite. Hypocrite. Chrissy will you be giving up those armed body guards now that most likely you will be in the MD unemployed line? Again time to practice what you’ve been preaching to the rest of us “regular folks” You know, the bible carrying, gun toting rednecks. Chrissy I for one am damn proud of being a Southern Hillybilly Redneck who can take care of himself, unlike all you city slickers who whiny bitch and moan when we (LEOs) are not there to protect your ass. Boy you may wish to send out apologizes and gifts to those in the DC Metro area who are LEOs. You are going to need them on your side now.



I dunno, sounds like you’re holding back some. 😉


That’s the edited version. 😉.

Joe Redfield

Happy Holidays, Chris! I, for one, am not going to miss you at all.


I don’t think he’ll be fired for this. He didn’t proposition her, just made rude comments out loud. He was probably too far in puppy love with Obama to proposition her.


His 3rd leg was tingling…