Heartbreak: Chris Matthews thinks Obama’s Libya speech had no dignity

by editor on February 25, 2011

The comparison is inescapable. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews really is beginning to sound like an abused spouse. “Yes, officer, he whacked me around but I love him and don’t want him punished.”

Mediaite delivers the details:

Chris Matthews had an immediate reaction to President Obama’s statement on the ongoing unrest in Libya and it was not positive. Even liberal commentators Howard Fineman and David Corn agreed that Obama’s statement was weak, and since Libya is no Egypt, Obama will have to talk tougher in the future.

Matthews’ surprising review of Obama’s speech:

“This statement could have been put out by the first President Bush. It has the aspect of an Arabist statement. I shouldn’t be too strong here, but it doesn’t have any dignity. I mean — Ronald Reagan — to his credit, said ‘evil empire’ before the fall of the wall.”

No dignity? This coming from a guy who publicly kisses Obama’s butt five nights a week? Hah! Good one, Chris.

Source: Mediaite

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Is this the same Chris Matthews who had a thrill run up and down his leg when the Buffoon-In-Chief was emmaculated? Most godless pedants tend to be attracted to mucilage like flies are attracted to honey…so what’s his problem again? Did his pwezident dissapoint him yet again?


He loves Obamie and his love is tarnished when he sees his man being so weak. How sad!


Saw something hysterical this morning. The U.N. Rights Body is urging action against Libya. The U.N. appointed Libya as a member of thier Human Rights Council. It’s like people in an insane asylum playing at government. Get the U.S. out of that stupid institution and turn the U.N. building into condos or something.


Yeah Buddy, like that scene in “Heavy Metal” where the cab driver says the UN Building is now low rent housing.


Has barry said anything that is coherent about the total cluster #$%^ that he and his czars have created? NO DAMN WAY. Gas prices are on the rise, food prices are on the rises and barry is babbling on and on and on.He wants to be compared to Regan. Regan had the BALLS to bomb the shit out of the enemy and bitch slaps them. barry has to check with the dominatrix in the White House to see if he can even have his balls to play with.

Big Al

Kudos to you!


Has Barry said anything that is coherent about anything since he reared his ugly head way back when?


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Rumors were swirling Thursday that Qadaffi had been shot. Word was that Barry was heartbroken. It’s unclear if the Rev. Wright received the “awful” news when it broke. But, hey, if Muammar is still above room temperature and he gets deposed, maybe he can be Barry’s “Airline Czar,” or Qadaffi could seek employment at Wright’s church. Allah knows that Wright and Qadaffi could swap wardrobes and neither one of them would know the difference. Be pimpin’, B! Just saying.