CNN demonstrates why its ratings are in the toilet, airs graphic diarrhea scene

by editor on December 17, 2010

Today’s headlines on CNN: Bombs found in house … students protest tuition hikes … Jeff Daniels has diarrhea … and CNN wonders why its ratings are in the dumper.

Somebody screwed up at CNN. We assume some video editor was watching Dumb & Dumber instead of paying attention to what he was supposed to be doing. The result? A disgusting scene from the raunchy comedy showed up in the middle of a CNN story about, well, we’re not really sure what it was about because, after all, it was CNN and we weren’t paying attention, either.

It can happen. We have a friend who had a brief brush with notoriety back in the late 60s when he was a videotape editor at a TV station in Southern California. Late one night he made the mistake of hitting the wrong button while watching porn at work, sending a graphic scene out over the air.

The bad news? He got fired. The good news? He became famous when Johnny Carson mentioned it in his opening monologue a few nights later.

H/T: Mediaite

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Well Ryan if thats all it was, lets hope CNN doesn’t do a story on menstruation.
“Big dummies” ? haha……liberal.

matthew s harrison

What’s more disturbing is that they used it for the lead-in to a story on Ulcerative Colitis-which is about the worst sickness one can have-and it isn’t f–king funny. So for these turds at CNN to make light of a severe illness that literally ruins people’s lives is just what I would expect out of the left. But then again, the death panels will make sure the unwashed people with UC will be left to die, so that they can openly make jokes about them in the future!


Oy! Bloody crap! Day in, day out.

So CNN will be placing short segments of questionable things as story leads to attract the kids to their news? Brilliant!


Likely, they will.

Be sure and watch for lead-ins on terrorism stories to include scenes from, “Passenger 57” and stories on tax evasion to include scenes from, well, uh, “Passenger 57” and stories on “art imitating life” from – you guessed it! – “Passenger 57”.


They were just demonstrating how most people “take an obama.” Similar to what I did earlier this morning, although mine wasn’t so severe.


It was a lead in for a story about chronic diarrhea.

Nice try ya big dummies.


and CNN needs to show some character having some nasty bathroom session to discuss a malady?Like I say, this is what clueless college kids think is funny. This is what Ryan thinks is news…thats why he watches and defends CNN.

Clueless college kids are CNN’s target demographic.


Lends a new meaning to discussions about their ‘craptacular’ coverage. Just a bunch of ‘regular’ guys, just like Harry.


ryan, are you on recess from Mrs. Jones’ 4th grade class at FDR Elementary School?

It was in poor taste and demonstrated a great lack of professionalism. A scene from Dumb & Dumber makes light of one’s malady and is disrespectful.

Didn’t your mommy tell you that while dressing you for school this morning?


And chronic diarrhea was a lead-in to whatever obama was saying as he has chronic diarrhea of the mouth.


You know, even though CNN is obviously trying to become more of a class act, with a diarrhea clip instead of their usual crap, I’m still not going to watch it.


This is what happens when you let a bunch of clueless college kids run a news program.