Elitist snobs of the world unite! CNN’s Roland Martin now selling his own line of ascots.

by editor on September 20, 2010

ascot roland martin cnn

There may have been a more embarrassing photo of a TV personality at some point in history, but we doubt it.

If CNN management wants to know why its audience is diminishing so rapidly, they need look no further than the fact that the last guy to wear an ascot on TV was Thurston B. Howell III.

Well, the last guy until effete CNN contributor Roland Martin, that is.

MediaBistro has the details:

CNN contributor Roland Martin is renowned for his sense of style. Specifically, his mastery of the ascot, the tie-alternative that has seemingly been lost to time.

Fear no more, ascot fans. Martin is now selling his own line of ascots … and he is selling them with swagger.

Let’s let Verse 9, which designed the line, explain:

Whether telling it like it is on CNN, hosting “Washington Watch” on TV One, speaking in front of thousands at a conference or taking part in the nightlife of a mega metropolis near you, Roland S. Martin exemplifies the definition of swagger.

As Thurston B. might say, “Delightful, lovey.”

Source: MediaBistro.com

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I’m guessing one of Roland’s ascots would’nt look too good with one of my hoodies?


Who is this chump ? They are really starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel , Good till the last drop


@ perlcat – forgot to link 🙁

Probably a LOT more than the good folks at MSLSD* would be my guess. 😉

* = MSNBC h/t to Matthew – great term! 😉


Amongst other famous wearers of ascots there is Fred, of Scooby-Doo fame. He was another famous metrosexual — I can’t believe that he hung with Daphne for so many years and didn’t do the deed.

Of course, what would I know — I always thought Velma was hot in a brainy way.


Unusual definition of ‘swagger’ in the article. I’d have called it ‘metrosexual’, but I’m just an ignoramus, clinging to my guns and religion, so what would I know.


Ummm….does anyone really care?

And whatever happened to turtle-necks? The poor-man’s Ascot.


How about those fake turtlenecks…They were called dickey’s/dickies back in the day.

Remember Randy Quaid in Christmas Vacation when he and Chevy Chase are going shopping and Quaid has on an ivory sweater with some freaky dark fake turtleneck on…you can see right through it…LMAO!!!!


Just think — if John Kerry could have revived them, they could be called ‘dickless’.