Communist West Point Grad Was Reported In 2015 For Anti-American Posts. So who’s letting avowed communists slip into our military? This is something that should have a full-blown investigation.

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Seriously? There’s got to be more to do than make jokes and sarcasms about this.


“Rapone — a supposedly brilliant cadet, according to his mentor, Professor Rasheed Hosein of the History Department.”
What does that tell you?

This little turd should never graduate, never receive his commission, and never be allowed to breathe the free air in the USA ever again. Let the little fucktard go to North Korea and live there.


Yes, and there are more of these douche-bags, not only in the military and at all levels, but being churned out faster than we think is going on, within these academies. Wasn’t it recently that a group of women cadets were photographed pumping their fists in the air? And that they got away with it by feigning they had no understanding of their actions beyond mere “unity” or some other nonsense? I’m sorry, I do not buy any of this pretend-stupidity, youth mentality, or anything attempting to side-step what is really going on. And, sadly, no one is going to be expelled or court-martialed, or whatever. This train has left the station.

Shang Kwon

Don’t they have to be nominated by a US Congressman for entry? Who would that be?


Send him to the gulag (artic circle), let him freeze his little lenins’ off

Joe Redfield

Hmm…who was the Commander-in-Chief in 2015? Oh, yes, it was that nice BO chap who was such a strong supporter of our military. Case closed.


Trump needs to take this assholes commission from him and grant a Dishonorable discharge.


Another example of what quagmire has turned the US Military into. This one needs to be removed from any and all command, placed on restrictions, tried, court martialed, then off to Leavenworth for extended stay.

Racer X

Are we so hard up for recruits that we can’t purge future Beau Bergdahls?