Lunatic liberals on parade: Congressman says evil Republicans are trying to “destroy the whole wide world”

by editor on April 12, 2011

That (D-MA) designation following Representative Ed Markey’s name is pretty much all you need to know. He’s a Democrat from Massachusetts, which automatically qualifies him as a liberal lunatic.

If that we’re enough to convince you, this speech should convince you that Markey is nuttier than grandma’s fruitcake.

According to Markey, Republicans are – and we quote – “trying to destroy the whole wide world and the internet.”

Hey, Ed, don’t forget that we’re trying to kill women, too. And children. We really want to kill those little bastards.

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Man I hate this world. I want to destroy it and ain’t no one that is going to stop me bruhahahaha *and more evil laughter*



Shutting down the BlagoSphere and the Internet?

Does The Goracle and Rod Blagojevich know about these dastardly plans?

Apparently Fast Eddie didn’t get the memo about CONgress wanting to grant Captain Zero the ability to zap the internet that Al Gore worked so hard to invent.


When this commie MF’er pulls the plug I’m going to switch over to Short Wave Radio and go OLD SCHOOL on his traitorous ass. I’ll drop clear speech code and morse on him faster than he can DF my transmission locations! That should keep him busy for about a minute! I’m telling you, if we don’t force a confrontation soon, and I do mean soon, it will probably be too late for us to take it to the streets! I think these asswipes are really convinced we’re nothing but sheep and unfortunately, they may be right…especially if we can’t get our message out! However, we will finally understand their true intentions if they do manage to bring the hammer down. I bet by that time, we’ll be in a fourth or fifth war somewhere in the muslim turd world!


He forgot “…and make seniors eat dog food.” Grandma told me she developed quite a taste for Alpo back in the days of government shutdown under Newt Gingrich.


Its great idea Wes but it wont help. libs don’t really care about resolving the issues, they create the issues.
Liberals are simply malcontents.


I think back, to many, many years ago, when I might have fell sway to all the “they want to destroy the environment by defunding the EPA” stuff. I mean, who doesn’t want to make the environment cleaner, ya know? Even though the truth, of course, is the EPA is pushing an agenda based on unproven data. Just reminds me that a lot of voters out there probably aren’t evil or anything, just ignorant. I used to be blind, but now I see.

Having said that, Republicans sure could use a bit more “emotional rhetoric” when trying to get their points across to the average voter. At least remind them that gas has DOUBLED since Obama got elected or something. I don’t care whether the reasons behind it doubling are complicated or not. Ring that bell and evoke an anti-Obama response already. The price of gas, of milk, etc, these are things regular people notice. Use them.


Well whats their emotion plea supposed to be? That they are pretty much the same? IIRC gas was just as high under bush and the republican congress didn’t exactly tightly hold the purse strings from 20001 to 2006.

Team red won’t have a prayer until the tea party folks drop all the social issues and make a press release saying something along the lines of “Last night we held a coup where all of the repubs elected before 2010 that had ever taken 1 cent in lobbying donation where hung out on the national mall”

Don’t get me wrong, I hate democrats but the repubs. are telling us they want to drive this country into a wall at 175 MPH instead of 200 like the dems.

Until things are serious enough where these people are afraid of their past, its all just theatrics as we dance to our own doom.


Exactly. The Democrats are screwing up everything by trying to pass more legislation, while the Republicans aren’t doing much better by trying to pass “better” legislation. I’m going to side with Ron Paul, as instead of choosing which policy we should pass, we should be thinking is this policy necessary at all? What we need is a government rollback of sorts, because there has been nothing passed for quite some time that is important enough to care about keeping.

The Obumbly Obomster

Watch, we’ll be killing babies next.


Well, that’s only logical. How can we eat them without killing them?