Congress’s Sneaky Tactic to Grab More U.S. Land for the Government. Let’s lock up more land for Sierra Clubbers to drive their Suburbans to visit.

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Hmm. I’ve got no problem with the base concept here. Who owns the land now? What’s being done with it now? Anything? The one line in the story that piques my interest is “the Department of the Interior(,) has a maintenance backlog between $13.5 billion and $20 billion for the land it already owns”. Offhand, I’d say if you need a maintenance budget for like protected wildlife habitat, “ur doin it rong’, as they say. But I do like the idea of preservation areas like that, mainly because if the oatmeal ever does hit the fan, we’ll all know where to go for nice fresh meat while the hippies in the city are drawing lots for who’s gonna be the first to have the privilege of sacrificing himself for the precious Others.


Fortunately, I wouldn’t even have to travel to find one of these areas, there are enough cattle ranches in my area to keep me well fed!

Not so silent
Not so silent

I think like Bill Gates they have enough, plus the fact the U.S. Government “did not build that” so they should forfeit their rights….