Conyers says he’s ‘retiring today’ amid sexual misconduct allegations. How about the unfunny comedian Al Franken next? Conyers endorsed his son to replace him. We hope the apple fell far from the sexual harassment tree.

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Not so silent

And he is endorsing his son for the seat..great like daddy like junior..Another mutton head to take the spot and represent one of the biggest ghetto’s in America. They vote for Junior they get just what they deserve.


I always thought it was up to the voters of Michigan to decide who occupies that chair.

J.P. Travis

Your innocence is touching.

Joe Redfield

Maybe as a last act of defiance Conyers will expose himself to the House on his way out.


The hilarious part is, if you go back and look at the 2011 scandal where Conyers’ Detroit neighbors were complaining about his unkempt house, the biggest problem was that the grass was never cut. But guess who was living there: the son! I don’t know if it’s the same son but wouldn’t that be par for the course for Democrats, passing a congressional seat down to a son who was too lazy to walk outside and cut the grass?

This whole family is scum. Conyers’ wife was arrested and convicted of bribery when she was a Detroit city councilwoman and John himself was implicated in her crimes. He’s had numerous ethics complaints over the years as well as a close aide who fled to Africa to avoid arrest. Good grief, just what Detroit needs is another Conyers representing them…

Not so silent

And his P.O.S. son is an admitted drug dealer, that is the idiot Conyers endorsed to run. The Conyers crime family has nothing on the Clintoons..


Most of his constituency is either dealers or users, they won’t have a problem voting for one of their own.