COP 17 Leaders Dancing Onstage at Dinner Party. Ever wonder what REALLY goes on a those climate meetings? Now you know. We would like to know if this was a drought-flood dance or a warming-cooling dance? And where the hell was Al Gore? Getting room service from a masseuse?

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We now have video proof that black men can’t dance any better than white men.
Another myth down the drain.


I want to see video of the guy hiding in the bushes, shooting video of the bad dancers.


Was just wondering if someone wants to set this to Billy Idol’s “Dancing with Myself”?

Either that, or modify Kansas’ “Dust in the Wind” to use lyrics like “Smoke up your ass”…

Big Al

The crowd was flanked by twin 500 gallon vats of Kool-Aid.

Old Goat

My God, that’ll “save” the planet…

…not that it needs saving, but we do – from misguided idiots like that.

A. Smithee

Oh the joys of an unmanaged expense account! Pretty much like Obobblehead and his cronies.