Complete schedule of ObamaCare negotiations

by editor on October 19, 2009

cspan Obmacare healthcare coverage schedule

President Obama promised complete transparency in healthcare negotiations. He said every session would be broadcast live on C-SPAN so the American public could be completely informed.

With that promise in mind, presents the above handy viewing schedule.

We assume The Most Honest President of the Most Transparent Administration in History would not lie to the country, so C-SPAN should be rolling their camera’s into Harry Reid’s office very soon.

If you’d like to hear the President’s actual promise, click Play on the video below.

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on C-SPAN"

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I am going to be racist… Obama is most disingenuous and not at all open nor transparent in any manner!

The Internets go into SHOCK!

I must be one of those crazy Fox News watching ‘teabagger’ Right Wing guys…
(Even though the Fox News audience is 35% independents and even 20% Democrat)

Barry Obama lied? But the bumper stickers said Obama was all about ‘Change’… Change for the worse!!!


Those aren’t lies, Bush told me how to spin my expedient words on Gitmo, Transparency, Lobbyists, CSPAN, Taxes, bipartisanship. I’m so glad I have o mop to clean up after him.

Pat from Michigan

It is ALMOST as impressive as his “NO LOBBYISTS IN MY WHITE HOUSE” speech. It took almost 17 minutes for him to break that. What does he have now 26???


So, now can we call him a liar?


The thing that is so shocking about the video clip is that Obama actually sounds coherent for once. None of the “uhhhhhhhhh”ing that always sounds straight out of SCTV to me. Good for you Obama, I didn’t know you had it in you to actually state a position coherently on a single damned thing without hedging all the way through. I could actually listen to that without cringing. Desire to punch out the computer screen is still there, of course. But no cringing at looooooooong pauses in the “um”-fest, for I think the first time ever.


Are you sure there wasn’t a teleprompter close by?


The Manchurian Cretin has been known to be a pathological liar since his so called, “community organizer” days…