DARPA shows how ambitious satellite scavenger project could work. Why not just save money and get Pacman?

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matthew s harrison

Lets see, parents babysit their toddlers with True Blood and Dexter, then they allow them to play grand theft auto by 3rd grade, and watch Saw and other slasher porn movies, and they wonder why the kids are depraved, anti-social, fat slobs who can’t sit still?
The way I see it, the poison that is on television on the news, HBO, and every other television show all day, which parents leave on for their kids to watch, or to avoid having to “deal with” their kids, they put televisions and X-Box’s in their rooms, and then never ask them what they are doing online, while their kids are surfing snuff-porn websites, and shiteaters.com, just adds up to one thing-liberal parents who are too busy going to parties at night, and the salon/spa during the day to even know WTF their kids are doing.
My kids don’t surf the web, other than stuff that I haven’t blocked(they are 10 and 7 by the way). They don’t watch murder porn, and their Wii doesn’t have a bunch of murder-porn games for them to play. They don’t see Disney movies…and we don’t bombard them with the violence agenda, or the gay agenda. They know themselves. They do their homework upon arriving home from school. If they don’t ask us to be in extra- curricular activities, then we put them in them. This way, they aren’t idle for enough time to become bored and turn on the television. Its called parenting. And all these libtards who avoid parenting by being their kids’ “friends” and buying booze for them, and allowing them to drink and smoke weed in their homes leads to bad things.
In fact, after a 3 day long search, the police in our town found a 19 year old kid, who had been at a party Saturday night, where the parents were serving booze to those under 21. He was hammered, and didn’t have a ride home, so at 2am he walked out of their home, with a t-shirt and hoodie on-it was 2 degrees-and he had about a 10 mile walk home. He called his friends a short while later to tell them he was cold and lost. they drove around the block, didn’t find him, and didn’t call the cops, cause they didn’t want to be caught drinking under age-or get the parents who were serving booze to under age kids busted. His funeral is scheduled for day after tomorrow.
Evidently a lost art in this country of lazy shitbirds who don’t do anything but sit home, collecting a gubment handout, and refuse to do their most important jobs-raising children.


You’re right about the poison being in nearly everything these days, but at some point you need to confront the culture with your kids instead of hiding from it. It’s a fact of life that at 13 they’re going to stop just accepting what you say and will start parsing it independently. That’s when you’ll find out if you’ve given them the necessary tools to deal with it.


Parents are of the delusion they should be their child’s friend. Wrong. They are the PARENTS and the kid will find a friend somewhere else. A parent’s job is to love their child unconditionally, while molding and raising said child to be a functional adult who is a good citizen and can contribute their bit to society. It is not to enable their bad choices so the parent can be seen as “cool.” If the above were my child *even though it never would be* I would push for manslaughter charges on the parents that served liquor and didn’t even have enough brains to ensure everyone got home safely


The worst thing that ever came about was Family Services. It started out as a good idea, intervene when a child is being abused, but as with every other program that the left gets it’s claws into, it has morphed into a leviathan that finds it’s primary mission is to prevent parents from disciplining their children.
We are protecting ourselves into extinction.


While I agree with your point, I’m kinda lost here. *scratches head* What does any of that have to do with the DARPA scavenger, exactly? Has there been some kinda website error?


Responding to Matthew, a little off topic/