Prosecutor who gave David Gregory a pass is family friend. “It is shameful that the politicians running the nation’s capital have sent the clear message that there are two systems of justice in the city: one for the rich and powerful and one for everyone else.” Just ask US Army veteran James Brinkley, who is still grappling with the fallout from his arrest last year on the same charge, about that. BTW, Brinkley is black. Where’s Al Sharpton and the “speaking truth to power” crowd?

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NO! Political cronyism in DC? Say it isn’t so! I thought these guys were all honest and above board!



Time to put this to the fairness test.

I ask that a conservative pundit do the same thing Monkey Boy did and see if they get away with it. If not, then let the right-wing howling begin!

Jim Stewart

Well, Nixon’s guys committed a third rate burglary and most got years in prison. No doubt there’s a double standard.


You can bet if Glen Beck did this on a show in DC he’d be locked up and the key would be thrown into the Potomac.

Joe Redfield

The criminal aspect of cronyism; know someone in the DA’s office and criminal laws disappear. I wonder if the Republicans in the House could cut funding for this guy’s job from the next DC appropriation bill.


Enemies of the State ==== Evil , ever Evil

Friends of he State ====== Never Bad , EVER

Libtards and their kind

Progressive Hemrrhoid
Progressive Hemrrhoid

It’s sad in a way that George Orwell isn’t still around to realize just how correct he was.