Even reliably liberal David Gregory won’t let Tim Geithner spin the bad economic news

by editor on July 13, 2011

“It’s the weather. It’s the Japanese earthquake. It’s George Bush. It’s the Republicans. It’s gravity. It’s Sagittarius rising. It’s a seasonal adjustment. It’s my mother-in-law. It’s … it’s … it’s … did I mention the Japanese earthquake?”

That’s kind of how it went when David Gregory interviewed Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner on Meet the Press. Geithner tried to blame last week’s awful economic numbers on everything except his failed policies. And then he tried to claim that the bad numbers actually show that things are getting better.

And the nice part – the unexpected part – was that Gregory didn’t let him get away with it.

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This guy just has the face of a crook. He just looks crooked. I am not even sure why he STILL has a job… Did he do something for Obama of great importance? And where did Obama find this guy?

Not so silent

Sign at the Capital:

“You must be THIS tall to be Treasury Secretary”

…Looks like someone was sleeping with little Timmy crept in for the ride….He needs to be ejected and barred from re-entry…



Jim Stewart

What the hell, blame it on Turbo Tax – that’s what Timmy reached for during his confirmation hearing.

Buck O'Fama

Turbo Tax, global warming, the Japanese earthquake… hey, wasn’t there a supernova a few centuries back? That could be impacting things, too.

Excuses R’ Us… where the entire Obama Administration shops!

AZ Dude

Cue John Belushi to Carrie Fisher in the sewer tunnel scene in “The Blues Brothers” movie.


“I always loved you baby, it wasn’t my fault! Fire…flood..locusts..please don’t kill me!

Joe Redfield

The look on Tiny Tim’s face when Ms. Gregory starts quoting the NY Times to him is priceless; he’s just been caught with not just his hand, but his arm up to the shoulder in the cookie jar. And, of course, the reason Gregory stood up to him was that the Greying Lady had his back