Deadbeat John Kerry still hasn’t paid the taxes on his
$7 million yacht

by editor on November 11, 2010

We’re pretty sure the state of Massachusetts would take cash, check, money order or credit card, but it’s been three months and deadbeat John Kerry still hasn’t paid the taxes on his $7,000,000 yacht.

john kerry yatch taxes

John Kerry seems baffled by the concept of paying the taxes he expects others to pay

The Boston Herald has all the taxing details:

You may recall that Kerry lowered the flag and surrendered in July, agreeing to pony up more than $400,000 to cover state taxes on the toney tub. Mr. Teresa Heinz broke out the checkbook four days after the Track set off a furious tempest with our report that he had purchased the 76-foot floating palace and ported her in Rhode Island, thus depriving the commonwealth of its pound of flesh.

A spokesman for the state Department of Revenue confirmed that “a sales tax return was filed” by Kerry last summer to cover state taxes that would have been owed, had he kept the Isabel in his home state’s waters. But according to the Nantucket tax collector, he never paid any excise taxes to the town on the Isabel.

Penalties? Interest? We doubt it.

Because when you’re John Kerry, what’s good for thee is never good for me.

Source: Boston Herald

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$7 million yacht"

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[…] he kept the Isabel in his home state’s waters. But according to the Nantucket tax collector, he never paid any excise taxes to the town on the […]

Jim Stewart

My favorite picture of Kerry is in the NASA “bunny suit”.


John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, is a douch-bag. What is it with MA?? Bwahney Fwank, John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, The Kennedy Klan…… Wow. They’re as bad as Calif…


Hey peter, i noticed you didn’t comment on the Soros article.
whats up with that ?

You retarded piece of shit liberal buffoon, Bush is no excuse for obama, asshole.


Baffled? Pathetic republican TEA Partiers love to use odd photos and make up BS about things they are unable to understand. I say go back to the coal mine, work hard, drink a beer, polish your gun, go to church (every sunday), pay your taxes, and be happy – or better yet, kiss my ass! Like your good buddy GB always says “I’m just sayin!”


And… attacking people personally… people that you clearly do not know makes your point stronger?

Wow so typical.


If you want me to kiss your ass, you must first take it off your shoulders.

Elrond Hubbard

I never saw a photo of John Kerry that wasn’t odd. The man’s a phony, and the photos are a reflection of his arrogance and lack of common sense. I pay my taxes since I’m one of the hard workin’, beer drinkin’, gun polishers that people that you and dumbass John Kerry sneer at. Go f yourself, do it today.


Odd photos are used by both sides, but the story is 100% true. Senator Kerry, who thinks goverment knows how to spend our money better than we the people do, doesn’t want to give his money to the government. Pretty open/closed case.

Try making a reasoned argument instead of an ad hominem attacks. You might earn some respect.

Jim Stewart

No no Peter. Kiss my ass.


When this first came to public light, he figured the *promise* to pay would get the spotlight off his back. He never intended to actually fulfill his tax obligation. When attention on this matter shifted elsewhere, Kerry’s did also. This second go-round doesn’t get near the publicity because of the elections and now the upcoming holiday season flooding the news cycle. I seriously doubt he will pay one dime. At most, he will bribe some Taxachusetts bureau-cronie put the fix in to show he paid. Remember, Dems like Kerry and Little Timmy Tax-cheat Geithner don’t have to follow the rules that we plebes do…..


As usual, “Taxes for thee, but not for me”.


Hey Lurch! Take a break from screwing America and do your “lovely” wife, get the $400,000 from her, and pay the damn taxes!


Anyone know where the douche-boat is moored? Would be a good target for those “indians” that have been sneaking around, dumping tea and scuttling playthings of the liberal elite. Or so I heard…