No go, Joe: Delaware voters won’t name an elementary school after the Veep

by editor on March 6, 2011

The mere thought of Joe Biden Elementary School makes us laugh. Out loud. Who could even come up with the concept of naming a school after a national embarrassment?

DelawareOnline has the story:

In a Brandywine School District contest lasting several months, voters decided the name of the new school being built in the Brandywine Hundred neighborhood of Chalfonte should be Hanby Elementary School, rejecting the name of the second most powerful officeholder in the land.

The winning name, which was revealed at Monday night’s school board meeting, was drawn Oscar-like from an envelope and announced ceremoniously by board President Olivia Johnson-Harris and two student members of a committee that had selected five finalists from several hundred names submitted by the community.

One voter, Ellie Kwick, had a very good reason for voting against Joseph R. Biden, Jr Elementary School:

Although she believes Hanby is perfectly acceptable, she was opposed to naming the school after Biden because he sent his children to private schools.

“It seems to me, if you have confidence in the public school district, you send your children there,” she said. “And so, why would you have a school named for you in a public district?”

This video demonstrates a few more reasons that no school should be named after Joe Biden.


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School nickname, “The Numbnuts” I thought about “The Fighting Numbnuts” but that implies violence and the libloons would wet their panties.


No vice president left behind?


Joe Biden Elementary School — where the kids come out dumber than when they went in.


They tried to rename Magic Island and a couple of schools after Obama out here in hula-land…

Grammar Fuhrer

With the current educational system, it might as well be named after him.


Remember Mrs Bidons “Joe Had First Pick on VP or Sec State”.


I used to think that USC head football coach Lane Kiffen was the Joe Biden of college football.

But now I realize that Joe Biden is the Lane Kiffin of the nation.


Good one, Badanov.. Go Vols!


“Who could even come up with the concept of naming a school after a national embarrassment?”

My first guess: maybe it was the teacher with the “unions our my cup of tea” sign.

But seriously, if you think about it, why not? The public schools are for the most part a national embarrassment

(and don’t go telling me about the %-ages of kids going to college – I hear those ads all the time from the NJEA. The kids in NJ who are doing well are doing so IN SPITE of school, not because of it. It’s because they have parents who care).

So why not name one after another national embarrassment? Seems like a perfect fit to me.

Conservative Kentuckian
Conservative Kentuckian

This makes clear why Biden was chosen for VP. Obama wanted someone to make him look smart and, at the same time, hopefully draw attention away from him own gaffs. Folks, it didn’t work. Plus, it shows us that Bozo has his own clown.


Which one is Bozo and which one is the clown?

Conservative Kentuckian
Conservative Kentuckian

Take your pick, they’re interchangeable.


No one can make Obama look smart.


Although Biden gives it his best shot.


I think they should name the school after him. That way for the rest of the kids time in school when they ask what school they went to and get told it was Biden school people will understand why they can’t read or write english, do simple math, sign their own name, or know any American history other than the white man is to blame for everything bad that ever happened in the whole world. But, on the bright side, they will have made many trips to the local mosque, know that allah is the only God, and when you get mad, just put that ole plastic-explosive vest on and scream allah-akbar as you run at white people and blow yourself up.
Yup, Biden school for gifted jihadi’s…..has political correctness all over it.