Dem candidate apologizes after boasting of ‘hayloft’ romp, sex with 50 women. Perhaps he should run as Stud for Governor.

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Those who are having sex won’t boast about it. Those who are only imagining having sex will shout it out for all to hear. Mother thumb and her four daughters do not count there dip shit


I learned that way back in high school. I had some friends who talked like they were having tons of sex and I wasn’t having any. Then I gradually came to understand those guys were full of shit. The guys who were actually having sex never said a word. Even in my sixties that rule seems to be holding true. I got one friend who ogles every young girl who walks past, flirts outrageously, and yet when I see his wife she seems bored to tears.

Not so silent

Well he kinda looks like a penis with a rug on top.


I’d find it hard to believe ( errrr, no pun intended ) that 50 unattractive women would screw that smarmy twit, let alone 50 “beautiful” women. My money is on 50 hookers.


I don’t think this is the type of mentality Americans want to see in government – especially the judicial branch. This guy has the reasoning/common sense of a hemorrhoid.


He is a perfect Democratic candidate, fast and loose with the truth, and is only concerned about himself and his reputation.
He is also extremely insecure and a pizz poor liar.
A better question would be how many women have you expose yourself to?

Joe Redfield

So he claims to have had sex with 50 gorgeous women – how many ugly women did he have sex with? And furthermore, when men brag about the number of women they have had sex with they are almost always lying.


What a dope. First of all, publicly identifying your previous sex partners, even if you don’t explicitly name them, is a sure way to piss them off. Gentlemen don’t do that. And men who do do it are liable to get a swift kick in the balls from those women the next time they see him.

And second, bragging about how many women you’ve had sex with is just… juvenile. Something tells me he has a little weenie.