Democrat congressman’s wife is “flabbergasted” …that her husband’s taxpayer-funded Blue Cross and Blue Shield healthcare coverage doesn’t pay for her mental health therapy and her marriage counseling. (P.S. Her husband is the guy who, when first elected, tried to bring a six-pack of beer onto the floor of the House. Because it was Friday.)

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I think we know the reason they need marriage counseling.


The slap of reality stings,hurts and snaps dip shits back into the real world.

Ma’am you can think barrycare

Joe Redfield
Joe Redfield

What kind of a country do we live in where our Exalted Politicians are forced to use the same crumby health plans as the kulaks?


She’s like an AOC clone.

“She was just befuddled. And stupefied. And discombobulated. And another really cool word: I’m just flabbergasted.”

Not so silent
Not so silent

She looks Like AOC and sounds just about as dumb…The bitch should have my health care, four visits a year and no coverage of serious illness…Great fucking plan Obama and the demotards came up with, I have seen it and i know whats in it, were fucked, the political elite get shit on a silver platter…I hope Nancy Piglosi dies from Liver failure from all the alcohol she drinks that we pay for.