Delusional Ed Schultz claims One Nation rally was same size as Glenn Beck’s rally

by editor on October 6, 2010

This was completely predictable. So we forced ourselves to watch the first ten minutes of Shultz’s MSNBC program on Monday just to see how he tried to spin the abysmal failure of Saturday’s One Nation rally.

And spin he did.

Schultz: Now, conservatives want you to believe that Glenn Beck’s phony religious revival was way bigger than the One Nation rally. Well, let me take you back to the day of the Beck rally on August 28th, 2010, at 6:32 P.M., proved Beck’s crowd was, as I said, no big shakes. “An estimated 87,000 people attended the rally organized by radio talk show host and Fox News commentator Glenn Beck Saturday in Washington, according to a crowd estimate commissioned by CBS News. The company,, based the attendance on aerial photos it took over the rally.” Now to be fair, NBC News put the size of Beck’s crowd at 300,000 people. So, somewhere in between all of this, 87,000, give or take 9 grand by that company, and 300,000 is reported by NBC. Pretty much, would you say that the size of the crowd is pretty much the same? I would. I was there. The people I saw, it was packed.

Step One: Ignore all photographic evidence.
Step Two: Take the lowest possible estimate of attendance at Beck’s rally.
Step Three: Take the highest possible estimate of attendance at the One Nation rally.
Step Four: Attempt to make a valid comparison out of them.

There is, indeed, something packed full here. And it’s name is Ed Schultz.

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I find it hilarious that “Special Ed” didn’t show any pictures of the One Nation rally so we could compare them to the Restoring Honor rally.
Glenn Beck had pictures of them both, during and after the rallies, and put them up side by side to let us decide. I could almost hear the crickets at the One Nation rally. The starkest contrast was the after pictures. The Restoring Honor rally after pics looked like the sanitation department had already been there to clean up, which of course, they hadn’t. The One Nutbag, er Nation after pictures looked like Times Square 30 seconds after the New Years revelers had left the area!
Lazy, socialist, and slobs. The Leftwing trifecta.


Another fabrication by this lunatic know-nothing. I was at the Beck Rally, and it was so packed all around the pool, you could hardly move….no trash after, and no one arrested.

Move on to this last Saturday rally for all the marxist/communist/progressive/liberal idiots that could be coerced into going and getting paid for it? Not even close……though I did see a lot of drunk teamsters proudly displaying their idiotic worn out teamster t-shirts in Alexandria that night……..what a joke the left is. And these union fools, led like the lambs they are to the slaughter…..


Hey, hey, hey… It’s FAT EDDY!!!

And I’m gonna tell a lie to you,
And maybe a little fib or two…
Let’s join together,
And march with all the gang,
Lying to The public,
While I do my thing!!!

Naw, naw, naw… gonna have bad time!!! Hey, hey, hey…
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Naw, naw, naw… gonna have bad time!!! Hey, hey, hey…

“And if we’re not careful… You might learn something…”

Naw, naw, naw… gonna have bad time!!! Hey, hey, hey…
Naw, naw, naw… gonna have bad time!!! Hey, hey, hey…
Naw, naw, naw… gonna have bad time!!! Hey, hey, hey…


Yawnnnn…. did little Eddie say something? Thought it was just bovine flatulence.

Elrond Hubbard

Ed Schultz is basing his estimate of the large size of One Nation rally by the large amount of garbage it left behind.Schultz a pathetic, delusional fool. He and Rick Sanchez should revive the “Dumb and Dumber” franchise, they wouldn’t have to act.


Waiter! Can we get a straight jacket sent to Ed’s table?


and most of the people were told to go or else. many came because they were told to, or because it was a paid weekend out. the differences of rallies is amazing from the garbage been left out to how the crowd was engaged to what was actually happening. a lot of those people look like zombies. like thallus said where is the aerial picture? that picture he showed could have been for the glenn rally for all I know.


even with all the progressive groups they still couldent beat becks rally


I see that has a photo of the Restoring the Honor rally but no hint of of a photo of the One Nation event. If such a photo did, in fact, exist and if it did, in fact, show that One Nation was at least as populous as Restoring the Honor, then methinks dimwitted Shultzie would parade it around the TV cameras with the gusto befitting his spittle-spewing rants. Alas, he hasn’t and this speaks volumes as to the veracity of his claims.


I am all for “hiring the handicap”, but shouldn’t MSNBC have the mentally retarded cleaning toilets or something?


Now that Rick Sanchez got the sack at CNN, Special Ed Schultz is the dumbest person in cablenews, & nobody else is even close.

Jim Stewart

You poor bastards, having to watch MSNBC. Just seeing that still shot of Ed’s face almost caused me to ruin a perfectly good pair of Depends.

BTW, isn’t “Delusional Ed Schultz” redundant?