Ed Schultz: “You know what this country needs? A law that regulates what you can and cannot say.”

by editor on November 15, 2010

Poor Ed Schultz is nearly apoplectic. All because that damn Rush Limbaugh is making the Democrat party leadership race about race. You know, the leadership race where the black Democrat leader got demoted so the white Democrat leaders could get promoted.

Then Ed goes to Al Sharpton and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, who sell out demoted black Democrat James Clyburn to maintain their own positions as overseers on the Democrat plantation.

Schultz: How about a decency law that says you can’t make racist comments on the air. I mean, there’s right and there’s wrong. We’re afraid to say what’s right and wrong anymore, what’s decent and indecent. We’re never going to move the envelope forward in this country when it comes to race relations and tensions in the melting pot of America if we’re going to allow people to go on the air and say insightful things like this that are nothing but harmful.

We’d love to give Ed’s decency the benefit of the doubt, but it’s hard to do since he’s had so many moments on the air that fall so far short of decent.

Let’s review a few of his finer, more decent moments:

Ed melts down with one of his radio listeners

Ed freaks out when challenged by a listener

Ed says GOP should be “shoved into the dirthole”


H/T: Breitbart.tv

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The Obumbly Obomster

Maybe we should send Eddy the Obama blow up dolls. I’d love to see him flip out over hundreds of Obama dolls rolling into his office

Elrond Hubbard

“…if we’re going to allow people to go on the air and say insightful things like this that are nothing but harmful.”

“Insightful things” that are “nothing but harmful”? WTF is that idiot Schultz saying?

God help us if cads and dolts like Ed Schultz and Al Sharpton get to decide what is and is not acceptable speech over the airwaves. The Left is the enemy of free speech, they loath the First Amendment and want nothing more than to control the airwaves in the name of “decency” and “multiculturalism”…for our own good, of course.

Jim Stewart

Old Rush can play these libtards like a fine violin.

matthew s harrison

One day ed is going to blow a blood vessel on the air-and that will be that-it will be a day when the earth will be more civil-will become quiet, and then this mouthpiece for hatred will be gone.
That will be a great day for humanity.

by the way dannybhoy- “weapons grade stupid” is one of the most fantastic things I have ever heard/read. Hope you don’t mind if I use that over on FB!


Thanks, but I stole it from Adrew Wilkow, host of “The Wilkow Majority” on Sirius/XM, he won’t mind you using it.

“Liberalism:Ideas so good they need to be mandatory.”
Andrew Wilkow


Special Ed is Weapon’s Grade Stupid. He does not understand what it means to be an American, does’nt have a clue about our constitutional rights, & does’nt care. If ignorance is bliss, Ed should the happiest person in the world. What an effing loser.


He’s a typical example of a liberal. Screaming, hate filled, unattractive, not logical, not truthful, maggot.


It sounds like Ed Schultz is saying there should only be freedom of speech when it’s not in public.


I’d love to run into that fat ass blowhard some day in person, I would provoke him into something just to get him to do something so I could react, I hate that turd.

Pittsburgh Z

That was awesome. Ed is so repulsive…

Just what I needed to make me laugh…Especially after watching the inept Steelers get clobbered by the Pats last night!