Come out of the closet, Ed: MSNBC anchor impressed with Marco Rubio’s “pretty boy looks”. We’ve called Marco Rubio telegenic, but the macho Ed Schultz seems to think he’s “pretty”. Careful, Ed, that macho mask seems to be slipping just a little.

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MSNBC doesn’t have very high standards. He should have been fired after he edited a Perry video to make it look like Perry was making a racist remark against Obama when he said there’s a “black cloud” hanging over the country. That after he twice called Laura Ingraham a “slut” on his radio show.


I agree. I couldn’t believe that didn’t make more waves. It was so blatant.


Or is he trying to smear Marco by insinuating that he (Rubio) is a frutas?


He meant that as a backhanded insult but obviously it is odd for a man to say that about another man. It just is.


I get the impression that Special Ed would’nt put up with gay activests for very long. Anyone suggesting he’s in the closet is way off. Ed comes from a sports culture, he was a decent college football quarterback, & had a short stint in the Canadian Football League. Those are NOT gay friendly environments at all. As much as I can’t stand the man, I gotta say that he’s not in the closet. In fact, he’s not good at staying in control of his emotions, so if he was gay, he would be waaaaaay out of the closet. You know, show tunes, musicals, the whole deal, including the lisp. Ed is an ass, but he is not into ass.

Not so silent

So Sergeant Schultz has been keeping a secret..Ed you naughty boy….and you got a hankering for a conservative no less…Little Ralphy Madcow and Chrissy Tingles are gonna be jealous….No more scoops for you!


You have to overlook ole Eddy-baby. He’s still keeping it hid in the closet. I bet he gets a wood everytime lil baby Al Sharpton steps in the room. You can bet he spends a fortune on those street corner folk.

David Bishop

I’m pretty!

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Did he get a tingle up his leg? Perhaps he should start dating Chris Matthews.


ed the yeller. he is always crying about jobs, yet he would never speak against illegals working in the country. he is nothing more than a low rated democrate tv host. quotes the party line 60 min. a nite.
he is good at playing the race card on whites, but would never speak against a minority for racial statements.