EXCLUSIVE: FEMA teams told to ‘sightsee’ as Sandy victims suffered. After all the screaming and hollering about FEMA’s alleged lack of response to hurricane Katrina, George W. Bush and Michael Brown must be at home laughing their asses off in disgust over this one.

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Maybe Mitt should rent a fleet of trucks, fill them with needed items, and have them driven in to help out. Just make sure it’s all union made stuff, and the trucks are driven by teamsters.


The news dont care bout a bunch of “RICH” white people. Or white people in general!!! No matter the need. If a white guy was potus and this was Oakland? Outrage and horror!!


Or New Orleans.
Wait, they had similar damage, but there was plenty of help right away. Didn’t matter, the POTUS still was beat up for it.


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I actually believe Bush and Brown are shaking their heads sadly at how shabbily people are being treated in this case.

Bonfire of the Absurdities

Your gubbermint in action… or should that be “your gubbermint inaction”?

Is it a coincidence that gubbermint-run healthcare is like this?