Eyewitness video captures congressional baseball shooting. While you can’t see much you can hear the shooting. I count about 66 shots.

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Figures that the one guy shooting video with a cell phone doesn’t know how to do it.


I know. You’d think that after seeing so much crappy video, people would learn to turn the damned camera sideways!


This was a lot bigger shoot out than I had originally believed. I counted 61 shots fired. Thats a lot of bullets in an urban environment to have such a low casualty rate. Not to minimize the suffering of those hit, but it could have a lot worse.


The cops returned fired. If he was trying to dodged he may have shot but missed. If there were no return fire they would have all been dead. He would have had a clear path.


All you can say is the msm and dip shits have blood upon their hands along with this crazy anti Trump dead man. It proves again my position and statements. If you are armed you can protect yourself and if someone is hell bent on killing someone they are going to try it. If not for the Capital Police being on security there’d be more dead than the shooter.

As for the punk running his mouth, what do you expect from a Klinton ass wipe?