Facebook is watching you – even when you’re NOT logged in: Social network giant in new privacy row. Zuckerberg is a spying little weasel. Too bad someone doesn’t kick his weaselly ass.

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LA Sunset

To hell with them. If they want to track my boring life, they are leaving someone else alone. I work, eat, sleep, go to the grocery store, and occasionally I find time to see my family. If all they have is time to watch what I do, they are the sorriest bastards I know of and must have a more boring life than me.

Always Sunny In Hell

I warned everyone I knew when Myspace first came out that putting everything into the ether was a bad idea… Fast forward a few years, add a new face to the beast and here we go 🙂 Facebook IMO was a horrible idea from conception, hey lets put everything we know and love in one place with tons of our pictures and let everyone know how many, and who are our friends.. Smart! So glad I didnt subscribe to this nonsense.. Couple years ago people would laugh at me for not having a Facebook page… Whos laughin now?!


“Zuckerberg is a spying little weasel. Too bad someone doesn’t kick his weaselly ass.”

I will happily volunteer. I despise that little asshat, sycophant.

Buck O'Fama

Cookies are small data files browsers (like Firefox and Internet Explorer) allow web sites to store on the user’s hard drive. These are often necessary because the nature of web communications is that it doesn’t have another way of keeping track of a conversation; for example, if you place an order for merchandise on Amazon, the selection, checkout, payment, etc, takes place over a number of different transactions between your computer and Amazon’s. The cookies allow Amazon to “remember” who you are and what has been done so far in the order so it knows what to do next.

Web sites can use cookies for other things like checking on where else users have visited, etc. According to the article, this is what Facebook is doing, checking the cookies other sites have stored on users’ machines to see where else they visit. Luckily, it is pretty easy to defeat cookies (i.e. not allow browsers to save them or restrict this priviledge to only certain web sites.) In Firefox, go to TOOLS, OPTIONS, and the PRIVACY tab to bring up the settings where you can alter cookie actions. In Internet Explorer, it is under TOOLS, INTERNET OPTIONS and then go to the PRIVACY tab.


There are 2 kinds of people in the world: those who want to be special and those who already believe they are special.

It’s in human nature to view oneself, either in fantasy or in practice (see sentence above), as the star of “the movie of life” while everyone else are just the extras who don’t get any lines. Some people can bottle that up and just have a few “Superman” fantasies. The others do everything they can to invade the privacy of everyone around them.

It’s no surprise that the moment technology was devised that could allow someone to walk around in your life as an invisible man it would be abused horrendously.