Post image for Far right anti-Muslim bigot speaks out against theology of hate

Far right anti-Muslim bigot speaks out against theology of hate

by editor on August 13, 2009

Abdullah Saeed espouses some very unpopular points of view

Abdullah Saeed espouses some very unpopular points of view

Wait. We stand corrected. The following comments weren’t made by an anti-Muslim bigot. They were made by Abdullah Saeed, head of the National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies at Australia’s Melbourne University.

Finally someone in the Muslim world speaks out against the religion’s murdering lunatics:

The silent majority (of Muslims) should strengthen its campaign of undermining the militancy and hatred advocated by the extremists. This campaign should begin at Friday sermons, in mosques, at homes, through lesson at Muslim weekend and day schools, in study circles and youth camps. This is no doubt happening but more needs to be done in view of the present situation.

There needs to be a strong and clear message that killing innocent people, be they Muslims or non-Muslims, is a grave sin and is prohibited in the strongest terms in the Koran and in keeping with Mohammed’s deeds….

Unless the theology of hate is challenged, it is likely to become the standard interpretation of their faith for many disaffected young Muslims.

It is important that mainstream Muslims stop—where that happens—berating the West for its supposed moral failings and preaching that Muslims cannot be fully Muslim in Australia if they are actively involved in Australian society as full citizens…

The basis of some hate-filled literature is that non-Muslims are kuffar (unbelievers) and therefore do not deserve to be treated with respect. Such views are rightly rejected by mainstream Muslims. But rejection is not enough. They need to promote the Koranic teaching that all human beings, whatever their faith, deserve to be honoured as the children of Adam…

It is important to deal with militant extremism at the ideological-theological level as a matter of urgency. Mere condemnation is insufficient. Sitting on the fence will not help either. Muslim Australians and their religious leaders can play a crucial role in dealing with the theology of hatred and violence.

We hope Saeed continues to speak out. We hope other Muslims listen. And we hope he hires some very good security guards.

Source: The Australian via Andrew Bolt

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Why can’t the ethnic groups simply split up America so we can all live in peace? What is wrong with peace at any price? What is wrong with being a peacemaker? What is wrong with wanting to kick Muslims out of the West? Give peace a chance before it is too late.


We can only hope that Saeed doesn’t have his head handed to him…literally


WTF, when did Australia become the “Muslim world” – please stop reinforcing that foolish notion