Field & Stream, too? Are all periodicals staffed by flaming libtards? Sarah Palin’s brother wrote a disgusted letter-to-the-editor in response to the outdoor mag’s libelous description of a three-year-old elk hunt.

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People, Newsweek, most major newspapers, all the Lame Stream Media outlets, are losing readership and viewers, and losing money like there is tomorrow. I will now add Field and Stream to the list of crap publications I will not read. You would think they would get the message, the majority of Americans cannot stand their biased, liberal crap based on nonsense instead of facts.


IMO, Sarah Palin and her family have risen above all that has been aimed at them, especially Sarah. She is the definition of genuine. Sure, she and some members of her family have taken advantage of the celebrity world they were flung into years ago, but their persona through it all has been Palin-esque all the way and I love ’em all! I would love to meet any of them and thank them for setting the bar high.


Journalism has been dead for a while; it’s just starting to really stink now.


Speaking of journalism, this week the media has pretended to care about the Pope stepping down while wondering if it’s about pedophelia; reported on the end of the world meteor strike while thinking aloud that space meteors are a result of earth’s man-made global warming; and finally, have somehow tried to preach the conclusion that a Republican with a dry throat is truly not presidential material.
Or as the MSM would say – another banner week in journalism.


Since Field & Stream didn’t bother to check the facts by calling the people present – a basic requirement for real journalists – and since Field & Stream oddly chose an event that happened three years ago as the basis for a hit piece – which removes the story from the realm of current events – yeah, journalism is certainly dead at Field & Stream.


It’s tough to hire professional writers who haven’t been through the standard university English department indoctrination/brainwash. The real shame is that the left’s “long march through the institutions” was just ignored by conservatives until the horse wasn’t just out of the barn, but over in the next county.


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I no longer get angry when liberals lie. I just expect it. What I didn’t expect was that Field and Stream has liberals on staff. I didn’t think the libs even knew the magazine existed. Oh well, I won’t pick up another copy even at the barber shop or doctor’s office.
It appears the libs are still scared of Sarah.


I’m not surprised, leftists can’t complete their takeover of the world unless they infiltrate all the conservative minded areas of the world.


“Bonnier Corporation is an American magazine publisher owned by the Swedish Bonnier Group. … , and publishes more than 40 special-interest magazines.”


Key word is periodicals. Means these types of whack-jobs are always having their period, even the male ones.