Former national security adviser Michael Flynn pleads guilty, reaches deal on charge of lying to FBI. Also just announced is that he’s supposed to testify Trump told him to contact the Russians. Due to the gigantic swamp in Washington, DC, we’re already suspicious as to whether he’s ‘testifying’ to save his ass or not. Meanwhile lying Hillary, Comey, Clapper, Lynch and Holder walk free.

Looks like the part of testifying was BS put out by ABC.

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Holy cow, this is exactly why everybody hates and despises the news media. This is incompetence on an almost surreal level. My God, Wall Street tanked after ABC tweeted that story! This was major news, apparently evidence that Trump colluded with Russians to win the election! Now they walk it back? Oops, sorry y’all lost all that money on the stock market, we meant to say it happened after the election? I tell you what, if ABC News had any reputation to lose, they would have just lost it. Trump the incumbent can contact anyone he wants. And if he let Putin know that he should cool his jets about Obama’s sanctions, there’s nothing wrong with that.

ABC… oh my goodness. I would be ashamed to go on the air after this.


We already knew this. This is why Trump fired him. So after all these months and all those millions of dollars spent, Mueller has a “conviction” for lying to the FBI which we already knew about. That’s some investigation, gee whiz.