Temperatures plummet. So do German fears of global warming.

by editor on April 4, 2010

german winter global warming

Ich bin freezing mein heinie offen

Yes, my little schatzi, it’s true.

Freeze a German’s ass off for a few months and the next thing you know, he’ll say Al Gore’s a dummkopf.

The Local brings us the cold, hard facts:

Germans are losing their fear of climate change, according to a survey, with just 42 percent worried about global warming.

It seems the long and chilly winter has taken its toll on climate change sensibilities despite the fact that weather has nothing to do with climate.

The latest figure is a clear drop from the 62 percent of Germans who said they were scared of such changes just in autumn 2006.

The new survey, carried out by polling company Infratest for Der Spiegel magazine, showed a quarter of those questioned thought Germany would profit from climate change rather than be badly affected by it.

Many people have little faith in the information and prognosis of climate researchers with a third questioned in the survey not giving them much credence. This is thought to be largely due to mistakes and exaggerations recently discovered in a report of the intergovernmental panel on climate change, the IPCC.

And in other news, a German cold front is set to invade Poland this weekend.

Source: The Local

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“The sky is falling. The sky is falling.” So sayeth Chicken Little Gore.


And the little man says…”duh…I didn’t know weather didn’t have anything to do with climate”… get it right.. What we do matters. Pollution causes climate changes, pure and simple.