Germany wants Greece to give up budget control. Yeah, that’ll work. Germany wants Greece to yield control of its budget “for a certain period of time” in return for a second 130 billion-euro bail-out package. Greece needs to strike a deal with creditors in the next few days or risk chaotic default. The can has just about run out of road to be kicked down.

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Germany is really sick of bailing out the European Union with THEIR money. Probably the reason everyone wanted them in the union to begin with-to redistribute their wealth to the rest of the EU


You make a good point. They should perhaps leave the union and every other rich country as well. However, instead they are looking to control another country which is always a dangerous thing EVEN outside of historical fact that this is always a bad idea.

Elrond Hubbard

One day China will demand that the United States give up budget control. When that day happens Obama’s work will be done.

Not so silent

Let Greece assume room temperature, Then Liberals can point to it as their greatest success story.


Does this mean that the next time the Germans decide to take France, we let them keep it?


Making the Germans pay for everything in Europe is a bad idea. History does not make for happy reading when you look back on that.