Good god, these Hollywood buffoons really do take themselves too seriously

by editor on February 25, 2010

Don’t bother pointing out that Cate Blanchett is Australian. She makes movies, which makes her a Hollywood-type in our minds.

Blanchett wrote an opinion piece in the Sydney Morning Herald that makes acting sound like something so dangerous that it should only be attempted by a stuntman (or in this case, perhaps, a stuntwoman).

”We change people’s lives, at the risk of our own.”

And Ms. Blanchett was just getting warmed up. The overheated hyperbole continued:

“We change countries, governments, history, gravity.”

And if she were on television, we’d change the channel.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald via Andrew Bolt

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It is dissapointing to hear that she may have something this stupid and arrogant. She always see to me so down to earth. I love her she is my favorite actress. That is because she is very talented and she doesn’t have to be this disgusting hyper sexual person to achieve her goals, etc. I hope someone talked to her about this because that was just ridiculous.


she must have spent some time with Al Gore, his ego much like hers has swollen up to the point of implosion, it won’t be a pretty sight, a puff of smoke and the idiot will be forgotten long before her shimmering advancements of humanity will be recognized. How tremendously pathetic and need that degree of admiration for doing what? that is why Mr. Harrison calls it what it is “acting”

matthew s harrison

As a 30 year professional actor-I am always baffled by the egos of my peers. We may help people escape misery for 90 minutes or so, but change their lives? We are not making documentaries about brain surgery-we ACT! We spend our days pretending to be someone else-it is like nursery school for christ’s sake.
Now, some of my peers do actually risk their lives doing stunts that no actor should really be doing(again large egos), but really, we just risk embarrassment-and that is all part of the gig.
Geeze-these hollywood types are more ego maniacal than barry soetero aren’t they?


She’s just confused which set she’s on. My guess is she thinks she still on what she imagines the set of The Hobbit, Part 1 will be if she were the main lead with all that power stuff Hobbit stories seem to toss around. Oh, and one should ask her if she’s from Middle Earth.