Good news: IRS hiring more agents to enforce Obamacare. Overlooked in all the “good” news about Obamacare is that it significantly increases the amount of personal info we’ll need to share with our buddies at the IRS. If the SCOTUS doesn’t kill this POS, just give us the pain pills NOW and let us get it over with.

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How strangely will the Tools of a Tyrant pervert the plain Meaning of Words!

–Samuel Adams


IRS is a forced charity organization and a healthcare enforcer. Do they know something that I don’t know? I would have thought they would have waited to see if Obama got re-elected.

Not so silent

He is just planning (and hoping) for Obutthead 2.0


YOU VILL COMPLY!! I vork my Marxist hump off to create jobs and you people dare mock me? Ve are monitoring your vebsite and there vill be consequences.

Oh, and velcome to Amerikka