Gov. Moonbeam Denies Sanctuary State Status Resulted In Cpl. Singh’s Death. Governor Dope never accepts the blame for anything. Typical Democrat, “It’s someone else’s fault.” We’re glad he’s gone. Gavin will probably be worse, if that’s possible.

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If moonbeam and all the other open border ass clowns feel so adamant on their position they should do the following:

1st Invite at least 50 illegals to move in with them
2nd. Remove all physical barriers from around their homes and offices
3rd. Surrender their armed security details

Until they do this, they are just a bunch of hypocritical ass holes who feel as if they are above the rest of us.

Not so silent
Not so silent

He is a demotard. There is no way he is going to admit that Him and Kevin Leon cooked up this bullshit bill for Sanctuary status that led to the death of this police officer. Gang member, criminal, as long as this piece of human garbage votes democrap, none of them will care. I hope that at some point soon, when Little Ass Clown Jerry Brown retires to his ranch, he is the victim of a home invasion robbery and ends up taking a dirt nap.


This officer’s blood, and the blood of many others, is on Jerry Brown’s hands.