Cocaine wig man. (Twitter/@Policia)

Hairy Situation: Smuggler Busted With Pound Of Cocaine Under Toupee. That’s one helluva cow-lick.

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Why is there a black box over his face? If you are that stupid to put a pound of cocaine under your bad “rug” you should have your unblock picture blasted all over the internet.

Joe Redfield
Joe Redfield

The picture on the right reminds me of an old joke.
An intrepid explorer has discovered a primitive village in the jungle. The natives take him to meet their Chief, who lives in a large bamboo hut. They introduce him to the Chief, and he notices there is a very large, ungainly bird perched on a rafter. He asks the Chief what it is, and the Chief informs him that it is a Phoo, the sacred bird of the tribe. Suddenly, the bird swoops over the explorer and takes a dump right on top of his head. He quickly raises his hand to wipe it off, but the Chief shouts “Stop! If the Phoo shits, wear it.”
And before you complain, I said it was an old joke, not a good one.


Better than up his butt.