Harry Reid is (a) a moron, or (b) senile. Take your choice.

by editor on July 23, 2010

harry reid senile

Harry Reid is just as lost as he looks

“Isn’t it a good thing today in America that we have an automobile manufacturing sector?” the Democrat senator from Nevada said on Monday. “If it had been up to them [the Republicans], General Motors would be gone. If it were up to them, Ford Motor Company would probably be gone. Chrysler definitely would be gone.”

Earth to Harry: Ford didn’t partake of the government’s largesse.

Source: RealClearPolitics.com

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This is why I will only buy Ford from here on in. Between the greedy corporate, wastefull dinks at GM and Chrysler then the recalls of all the Japanese cars cause they been purposefully making bad cars for years. Boycott all automakers but Ford.


He is punch drunk.
Yes, Ken…He May well be blamed @

Ken Mueller

I suppose he could be both but then he can hardly be blamed for all the damage to the country, can he?

matthew s harrison

They would all be fine. Fact is, the largess that went to GM and Chrysler, for the most part went to the UAW. All three of them could have thrown out the unions and that would have been that. Do a quick Chapter 11 and streamline by shutting the unions out. They would have been fine.
The whole mess in Detroit was nothing more than the democrats paying for all the votes they got. Had nothing to do with keeping the big 3 on track. Simple 11 would have fixed them. With or without the unions being dumped.
The media and soetoro did a great job of making everyone believe there was an un-fixable problem. There was not.


A senile Moron ?In all fairness Reid has supported gun rights..kinda.
For a liberal thats something..


Yep. GM may have been gone. But the others would have filled the void just nicely. More importantly, CEOs all over the country would have learned a valuable lesson and started thinking about more than next quarter’s profits and their bonuses. It was wrong to bailout Chrysler way back when, and wrong to bail out these guys, assuming you have a long term perspective and care about what is being left for the next generation(s). I say we “bail out” all incumbuments this November and send them home.

mr. mojo risin

Harry, Harry are you in there ? Come out, come out where ever you are. This assclown needs to go feed some pidgeons or go look for seashells. What the heck is he doing as a senate majority leader anyway?


My answer is BOTH! I hope he enjoys retirement…


I’d say both as well



Where has he been in the past two years?

I will feel bad if it is found out he has some kind of tumor or alzheimer’s or something going on, but either something like that is happening or he is just living in a world of his own creation.

If he is indeed in a serious denial that just clinches it that liberalism should be considered a mental disease.

Insane Minds

Where’s he been? Why under Nancy Pelosi’s skirt, couldn’t hear a damn thing!


Is a black hole under there.