Health insurance brokers prepare clients for Obamacare sticker shock. “A California insurance broker, who sells health plans to individuals and small businesses, …[says]… her local carriers are hinting to her that premiums may triple this fall, when the plans unveil how they’ll billet the full brunt of Obamacare’s new regulations and mandates.” Check out this post regarding Massachusetts’ awesome way of handling unemployment insurance claims for a look at healthcare’s future.

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So, where is that free healthcare we were promised?

Progressive Hemrrhoid
Progressive Hemrrhoid

Add in all the doctors quitting, massive expenses levied on the states, and even more people using the ER as a doctors office, I’m thinking it might be time to study some advanced first aid.


Just tell them your name is Jose Martinez Lupe Jorge Gonzales, and you are an illegal from Mexico. No problem.

Not so silent

That’s funny, when I left the Stockton P.D. the city went broke, if I would have retired they would have cancelled my insurance, I told my wife, we need to go to the doctor, just make up a name and tell them you don’t speak English….


It gets worse. Since you don’t have to sign up right away to get health insurance – they still have to take you when you get sick – and the fines taxes are way too small to force people into the system, the insurance companies will rapidly be caught in a cost spiral. When they increase the costs due to drop outs, more people will drop out. It will be interesting how this plays out.


Bend over and cough up your wallet.