Hey Obama, so much for defeating Al Qaeda! “…with muslim extremists working frantically to expand their influence and control over other parts of the African continent, the naive foreign policy of Obama is fully exposed for the feckless debacle that it is.” Well, maybe the Jerko-News can publish a map of all extremists in Africa and then Andy Cuomo can simply ban them. That’s the usual elitist knee-jerk answer to the kinds of problems. Round up a new batch of kids!

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Not so silent

This needs to be repeated often, even more often than “corporate greed”…

“They are all backward savages, a devil-spawned death-cult worshipping all that is unholy and barbaric. Pure evil.”


Islam is going nowhere. They will continue to kill everything not like itself. Will that reported? I effing doubt it. They behead Daniel Pearl, & it did not matter. Gang raping Lara Logan did’nt matter either. Dr. Nadal Hasan shoots up Ft. Hood, again, nothing. Do I even need to mention 9/11? Or the first attack of the WTC? Something is wrong with people who do not understand history & are willing to excuse everything Islam has done & will do. It is dangerous & immoral.


Obama’s legacy just keeps getting better and better.
If he works any harder at getting rid of Al-Qaeda, he might just resurrect Bin-Laden.


If the msm would do its job, the weapons used where probably smuggled out of Lybia courtesy of the barry administration. Evil is on the march again and nutless is doing nothing but pissing in the fan from the wrong side.